Saturday, 13 June 2009

Art Van Go

I've been working at Art Van Go today... although I've had too much fun for it to feel like real work! Seven lovely ladies and seven rather beautiful (almost finished) embroideries... the result of exploring textural stitches on their sewing machines.

1. Sheila

2. Judith

3. Eva

4. Janice

5. Gill

6. Val

7. Joan

Thank you all for a super day... we missed you Mavis!
And although it's been a super day I've come home feeling very tired so intend to put my feet up and do nothing this evening. Is it too early for a G & T?
No... oh good!


  1. Sounds and looks like you had a good day too, and the G&T is a wonderful idea, I'm just going to check if I've got any lemons!

  2. Looks like you all worked extremely hard even though it was fun.

    Go on... have that G&T! I've just discovered Fever Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water - which elevates a G&T into a higher realm!!! (and, no I'm not being paid to say that)


  3. A good time was had by all, by the sound of it. Those pieces of work are all lovely and I'm sure your ladies have gone home as tired and happy as you are. Enjoy your G & T, you've earned it. I'm having a cuppa - sadly I get no benefits from alcohol, boring isn't it?

  4. You're right, it's never too early.... Beautiful work by the ladies. I'm on the tea too, no alcohol for another week on these pills :o(

  5. Lovely work, I wish I had been there.

  6. Never too early for a drink I say! (well, maybe that's not strictly true - but it sounds like the perfect end to a lovely day to me!)

    Lucy x

  7. its never too early for a g and t and it sounds like you really deserved one! I love all your ladies' work but especially like no.6 it so reminds me of the seaside!


  8. Very clever company you keep! Their work is beautiful.

  9. Fab and inspiring work by the ladies - thanks for showing us Gina x

  10. What wonderful embroideries - love the different fabrics, colours and textures.

  11. I missed you too ! Lying around with my leg up on such a lovely day was no fun.

    I like the idea of a G & T unfortunately all I can have at the moment is the ice - in a pack on my knee!
    I just wanted to add a comment to your blog and now I find I have got my own blog site (just a thimbleful - which I thought ties in well with both drinking and sewing) What do I do now? Help! Mavis


  12. Your students have done beautiful work Gina. It must give you a lot of pleasure to see them enjoying themselves and creating such lovely things!


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