Thursday, 5 February 2009

A Constant Delight

Despite the snow I've been back to work this week so I thought I would show you some of the beautiful things my students have been making. The class that have been stitching on metals mostly decided they would like to make bookmarks rather than cuffs, with fabulous results and this is just a selection of the finished items.

And Ann used her stitched metal to decorate the front of this gorgeous velevet evening bag.

In my City and Guilds class, the students have been finishing off design work on texture and have presented their finished pieces in different ways. Gill (aka Vintage rock chick) put hers into a book

Janet presented hers on a board.

Another board from Linda C. but very different from the previous one.

And yet another completely different board from Linda W

They have also finished off some stitch samples to show manipulation of fabric - a framed panel from Angela.

A fabulous bag with panels of manipulated fabrics from Gill

A zigzag book of manipulated fabrics from Janet

A panel of manipulated textures from Linda C.

And a beautiful cushion from Linda W.

This is what I love most about teaching - the wonderful variation that comes from the same class and the same basic instruction. It constantly delights me. Well done ladies!


  1. Ooh Gina - I feel famous now my work is on your blog! Had a great day yesterday and in the evening went to a Knit and Wine evening at a local pub. Now about to start stitching again x

  2. wow!!! am blown away with such gorgeousness! what amazing ladies. makes me feel rather daunted now about doing a C & G - don't think i'm up to that standard!


  3. Those are Fantastic!! such a joy I imagine to teach and learn all at the same time! x

  4. What a lovely post. Your students and fellow students are very talented. I love the different 'takes' on the brief. Wonderful stuff.

  5. Wow -- what beautiful creations. What fun you must have to be able to teach in textiles!

  6. Lovely things! I adore that bag by Gill - very chic!


  7. Oh wow ... don't they all look amazing? Those book marks are way too good to be hidden away in a book - just gorgeous. x

  8. Beautiful work all round Gina!

  9. Doesn't our work look good! I like the book marks and the evening bag is gorgeous. You are such an inspiration Gina.

  10. What wonderful work - your students are very talented and you must be very proud of them. They obviously have a good tutor. It must be like Christmas for you when they lay out all their work for you to see.

  11. what a gorgeous display - great to see the diversity and creativity of each persons work. By the way I love your snow angel picture in the previous post!

  12. Wow! That work is incredible! Makes me feel very humble! Lucy xxx

  13. I agree with your last paragraph! Have a good weekend.

  14. What fantastic pieces of work! It must give you so much pleasure to see the wonderful things your students create - just shows what a great tutor you are :-)



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