Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Courgettes and shopping

I've been playing for ages and cannot get these pictures where I want them so it all looks very random!
Came home from walking the dog this morning in glorious sunshine (brief respite from all the rain) and couldn't resist photographing these wonderful courgette flowers. There is something about growing things that produces the same feeling in me as when I've crafted something new. I also picked my first tomato today which I proudly brought into the kitchen. Sam (son no. 2) looked up from his book and remarked "That should keep us going through the winter." How droll! He won't be laughing when he is eating courgettes every day for weeks on end!
The embroidery is a result of some book covers I'm preparing for a class. Had some left over so I've made them into a couple of Artist Trading Cards. I've only just dicovered ATCs and think they are great... though haven't swapped any yet. (Anyone wants to do a swap... let me know.) I'll send this one to the first person who comments on my blog.
The rest of the day has been spent shopping with Jacob (son no. 4) who has discovered skinny jeans and Converse trainers. My credit card thinks it is Christmas!
Back soon and maybe I'll have learned how to arrange the photos where I want them with the words... though I doubt it! It's a bit of a steep learning curve for me.

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