Sunday, 29 July 2007

French knitting

There's not been much stitching going on here this weekend but a lot of pottering about, reading and visiting a couple of exhibitions. If any of you are in Cambridgeshire there is a lovely exhibition at Wimpole Hall by "New Horizons" a local quilting group. Well worth a visit. Today we saw a couple of Open Studios - Anne Culver in Cambridge who has some fabulous machine embroidery on hand made felt and then Jill Leech in Saffron Walden who has done some wonderful things with rugmaking techniques combined with low relief wood carving. Sounds bizarre I know but it worked and her "coalface" series using plastic bin bags were stunning..

I've been knitting in the evenings - using up some baby wool making a soft mouse for a friend's new baby. All the pieces are made and it just needs a tail... French knitting, I think! Easy, I think! Ha! - Not so!

I used to do this when I was about 7 or 8 years old and I don't remember it being a problem. I was pleased I could find an old wooden cotton reel (complete with old thread). I got the nails banged in almost straight but it was so fiddly once I started I couldn't believe I used to make yards of the stuff when I was younger - multicolours too. Does any one have any tips or is it just easier for little fingers?

About 2 inches more to go so maybe tomorrow I'll have a picture of the finished mouse.


  1. Gina, I just came by to visit after reading your comment at yarnstorm. Your blog is lovely. This post with the spool of thread used for knitting reminds me of when my mother started to teach me to knit. She made me a 'knitting spool' too. I also love the little mouse in the weblog entry after this one and thank you for letting us know about the moo stickers. I think I may order some for myself.

  2. Hi Gina,

    You mention Anne Culver in Cambridge who is exhibiting at Cambridge Open Studios again this year.

    If you (or any other readers of your blog are interested) I've just about completed her new website with only a few images of her art still to add at

  3. i just found some of my grandmothers knitting needles, while cleaning the house! i think i'm going to learn how to knit now! looking forward to your posts!


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