Sunday, 23 December 2018

Happy Christmas

I have spent today flicking a duster around and giving the vacuum cleaner a cursory run up and down the hall, I've pretty much wrapped most of the presents which have now taken up residence under the tree and I have bought all the food I intend to buy... if we haven't got it in now then we won't be having it! So I feel as ready as I'm ever likely to be... it all happens one way or another. Mostly I enjoy all the preparations, except for the food shopping which is stressful in the extreme, but like I say it's all done now and all that is left to do is to cook. Well, that would be the case if I didn't have a last minute brainwave to make some felt fruit and vegetables and knit a hat. I'll let you know how that plan went once Christmas is over but given that I haven't actually cast on the hat I think I might be being unrealistically optimistic. Plus I have gone down with a cold which is waking me up at 4am every morning this week. I really could do without that but realised as I lay awake at some silly hour this morning trying to ignore my thumping head that I only ever get colds at this time of year so it feels as much like Christmas as the smell of pine cones and the continual backdrop of carols. Looking on the bright side if I'm awake at 4 am I might get that hat knitted!

I leave you with some of the images of a recent outing with my Mum to see the Christmas lights at Kew Gardens. It was a spectacular show of light and sound and my pictures don't begin to do it justice.

There were trees covered in  twinkling fairy lights and curtains of light that changed colour as we walked through them.

A whole cathedral of light with accompanying choral music

as well as giant flowers that changed colour.

It was all quite breathtaking. Plus I had churros and hot chocolate for my dinner which was also rather amazing. Do not judge me until you have tried it!

The finale was a projected light and sound show onto the Palm court and the fountain. It was a wonderful evening that was rounded off by driving home through the West End of London to see the lights there too. They didn't disappoint either - I just loved the host of angels down Regent Street. It was such a fabulous evening that I have declared it my final 60 x 60, more in an attempt to draw a line under this particular project before I launch into something else.

I hope all your plans and preparations are going smoothly and all that remains is for me to wish you and your families a very Happy and Healthy Christmas.


  1. I hope your cold doesn't stop you having a very Happy Christmas and New Year. The Kew Gardens Light Show must have been really spectacular.

  2. Wow, Kew looks amazing, I had no idea they did that. Sorry you've got a horrible cold, the 4am waking is horrible. I shall picture you knitting. I hope you're feeling all better very soon, and that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. CJ xx

  3. Happy Christmas Gina and hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Merry Christmas to you & your families. All the way from Albany, Western Australia

  5. Happy Christmas to you too, Gina. Hope the cold goes soon.

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family xx

  7. A very Merry Christmas Gina to you and your family. I hope you recover quickly from your cold and may the year ahead be a lot less stressful for you :)

  8. I hope it all went well and that your cold has abated?

    I have only just seen this post - I wonder what I have been doing??

  9. Merry Christmas! Hope you're having a good one.


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