Sunday, 12 March 2017

Walk the Walk

I keep mentioning walking and training so though it about time I told you what I'm walking and training for! Ever since Gill and I did our Starlight walk, over four years ago, I've had an idea that I would like to do the London Moonwalk... which has nothing to do with Michael Jackson but is an overnight marathon length walk around the streets of London.

And as this is my sixty x sixty year I thought it was now or never. So I am training to walk 26.2 miles, wearing only a decorated bra on my top half... although I'll be doing that during the actual walk, not while I'm training, lest I attract undue attention to myself. And besides it's too blimin' cold for such scanty dress at the moment! I'm hoping it will warm up by May.

The idea is to raise money for breast cancer charities and as I have had three friends battle with this disease it seems a worthy cause for which to raise a bit of cash. I promise I won't keep nagging but if anyone out there fancies parting with the odd pound or two I have an online fundraising page here:

It was all going so well until I stubbed my toe and now that seems okay I'm plagued with blisters. In all the years I used to run I never suffered with blisters but I'm currently sporting three! It's okay I won't subject you to photos of my feet again. Part of the problem is I've been wearing new shoes which are taking some breaking in... they were fine in the shop and around the house and fine the first couple of times I wore them out walking. Then having lured me into a false sense of security they rubbed like mad when I went out for a six mile walk on Saturday. But it will take more than a few blisters to stop me and I am quite determined that by May 13th/14th I'll have another achievement to add to my sixty x sixty list.

 And talking sixty x sixty... I added something else to the list on Saturday. I gave a short presentation about wine at a wining tasting event on Saturday evening. It was a fun, informal evening in the village hall to raise funds for the local church so nothing serious but I was still very nervous beforehand. And although it may look like my friend Peter would rather be somewhere else, (I'm kidding Peter!) mostly people laughed in the right places and seemed to be listening... and even if they were just being polite, at least I didn't go on for too long!

 And this was the wine I presented... a rather nice Italian Merlot from the Veneto region... which we are not downing from tumblers should you wonder, but from some rather lovely "stemless" wine glasses that we won in the raffle!


  1. I wonder if the problem with your blisters are the socks, rather than the shoes? I find socks make a huge difference to how my feet feel in a pair of shoes. I spend quite a lot of money on special sports socks actually, maybe more than is good for my purse. Public speaking is nerve wrecking, no matter how practised you are. I'd have enjoyed your talk (I judge my wine by the label). Have a good, blister free week. x

  2. A moonlight marathon around London -what a great idea! Hope the training progresses smoothly after the hitches.

  3. Hats off Gina (not bras off), that's a long walk. But it sounds like great fun!

  4. A few miles further than my 18! Well done and good luck with the training. Hope the pesky toe doesn't retaliate and the blisters sort themselves. I wore sock liners which were fantastic.

  5. You're certainly making progress with your 60by60 list and the moonlit London walk sounds really good fun (bar any blisters, of course). Good luck with all the training and bra choosing.

  6. Good luck with your Moonwalk training - ten miles was enough for me! Do you find the MapMyWalk app is better than the fitbit?

  7. Oh how exciting! Your moonlight walk sounds wonderful -- I'd love to be there. I can't wait to hear all about it!


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