Friday, 10 March 2017

Since I was last here...

It was never my intention to be away from here all week but you know how life gets in the way...

I've been walking...

After four days of not being able to wear ordinary shoes, lying around on the sofa and icing and elevating, the swelling and bruising have reduced and it seems as though my toe may not be broken after all. Just badly bruised. It is still a little uncomfortable but at least I've been out walking again this week. I've just discovered the Map My Walk App with which I confess I'm a little obsessed!

I've been baking...

The first week back baking for the farm shop has gone quite well but I've also done some baking for us and I made a lemon cheesecake last weekend... which also meant making lemon curd. We didn't eat it all ourselves - the cheesecake was shared with friends. Both were good!

I've been teaching...

It might seem that all I do is bake but once a week I still go off to teach machine embroidery to a lovely group of ladies in Letchworth. The beautiful bangles were some some of a selection made using water soluble fabrics.

And the pebble fabrics were the result of our latest project based on a tutorial by Alex Waylett. The little purse was made by Sue who was completely new to machine embroidery at the beginning of September

As too were Carol and Michelle who made these beautiful fabrics.

Ann turned hers into a beautiful beaded bag.
My own mojo for creating machine embroidered projects seems to have totally disappeared though! I need to get back to my sketchbooks I think!

I've been eating well...

It's not just been cheesecake and other sweet treats this week, but we are still sticking to our healthy eating regime of fabulous home cooked meals with loads of fresh vegetables, keeping sugar and processed foods to a minimum. These Corn and Chickpea burgers were surprisingly good... especially with the sweet potato chips.
I'm constantly on the look out for new recipes to expand my repetoire so thought that I might join in with Penny's Cookery Calendar Challenge this month.

I've had this book, Sirocco by Sabrina Ghayour for about a year now and except for some rather wonderful date and cinnamon scones I've never used it. You'll need to come back at the beginning of April to see what I've cooked.

So that's my week really... how has your week been?


  1. What wonderful textiles your ladies have created. Glad your back to walking and healthy eating is going well. Love the look of that cheesecake :). B x

  2. Lemon curd, lemon cheesecake, lemon anything .... mmmmmmmm! Love the creative bangles and embroidered fabrics. Looks like you've still got some sort of mojo left in you to be able to get your students to create such pretty pieces. Have a great weekend Gina.

  3. What a lovely varied post about a wonderfully productive week! I tried making sweet potato fries which weren't an unmitigated success - have you any tips please?

  4. That is such good news about your foot. Lemon cheesecake - yum! Love those fabrics your ladies created and the little purse is wonderful. A week of loveliness. Mine has been taken up with filling boxes with books and stuff to be recycled. The books will go to charity.

  5. Wow, gorgeous fabrics, such talent out there. I love, love, love lemoncurd and all things lemon, you are torturing me during my no-sweet-things Lent! So glad your toe is on the mend and that you've managed some walking. Walking in spring is wonderful on a good day isn't it. Hope you have a good weekend. CJ xx

  6. This post is all Gina, loved to read every word of it. I am glad you are able to walk again, I bet Hector is pleased, too. x

  7. Sounds like a very positive, productive week Gina. I'm glad your toe/foot is on the mend now.

  8. The lemon curd and cheesecake look divine and I took a look at the Corn and Chickpea recipe. Be honest, does flatulence beckon if I make them?

  9. Ah, I have that book too. Never made anything from it, ever. Please inspire me?

    Glad to know that your toe is not damaged beyond repair. x


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