Monday, 20 February 2017

What a Week!

I somehow feel as though I have lost a week. I'm exhausted and running on auto pilot after a whole week of rehersals and then a three night run of Charley's Aunt.

I have wanted to direct Charley's Aunt for ages after having seen a wonderful outdoor production of it many years ago. I finally got to realise this ambition last week with our local amateur dramatics society.

It has been a long time in the planning... starting with me attending a committee meeting last April to present my idea and breaking my ankle on the way home! The broken ankle was just the first of many set backs. I had a cast member drop out after just a week into rehearsals but that turned out to our advantage as we found someone new who turned out to be excellent. Then another cast member went down with pnuemonia after Christmas and it was touch and go whether he would make the performances... but he rallied round and we all gave a sigh of relief. There are no under studies in am dram!

But despite these problems on the way, it has been a fabulous production and we have laughed so much as well making new friends. Although it has been a lot of hard work, it has also been an awful lot of fun. We played to a full house every night and the audiences seemed to enjoy it as much as we did. I had an amazing cast to thank.

Meanwhile I've also had my second week at work... which has left me tired beyond belief, and that's before having to go out every night. Long hours on my feet all day are really taking their toll, but that's a whole other story.

And then as if I wasn't doing enough we hosted the after show party on Saturday evening... but again more fun and a chance to unwind with all the lovely people we'd been working with for weeks.

Needless to say it's been a struggle to stick to our healthy eating regime... and by the weekend we fell off our healthy eating wagon with a bang! I think I had some left over crisps, a slice of toast, a brownie, and some chocolate buttons for lunch on Sunday... Oh.. and a pear too, in an attempt to be healthy! I was too tired to think of anything else. 

One of our cast members celebrated their birthday on Friday so I managed to make a cake... hence the left over chocolate buttons! When she is not making her debut as an actress, Jenny is known as the owl lady in our local schools when she brings her owl in to visit.

Would I do it all again... yes, I would because it has been a brilliant week working with a lovely group of people. It's like being part of a fabulous close knit family.

But I do wish I could have a week's holiday now! Fat chance!


  1. Great to catch up on a plethora of blogs Gina. Wow you have been busy and still getting through some of your 60 by 60. You are amazing. Love your blogs- a true creative colourful butterfly! x

    1. Thank you Liz! I do sometimes feel we are kindred spirits!

  2. When you get chance to catch your breath I hope you can enjoy the lovely feeling of having achieved a special ambition, Gina. Do look after yourself and take a breather if you can. I think you earned a little naughtiness in the healthy eating department. I hope the job is going better this week. xx

  3. Another box to tick Gina,well done. I'm not surprised you could do with a break. I'm sure you'll be back on that wagon in no time.

  4. What ever battery you run on, can I have one please?! Glad the play went so well and you all enjoyed yourselves. Love the owl cake and there are times when food of any sort will do - the healthy regime can continue when convenient. Take it easy for a bit before you charge off into your next challenge.

  5. What an amazing achievement and definitely one to look back on. I'm sure you will get back to your healthy eating soon. Take care. B x

  6. Congratulations Gina - what an amazing achievement.I used to be involved with am dram many years ago and I know what a huge commitment it is - especially by the Director.

    Don't panic about falling off the healthy eating programme - I am sure that all those new habits are embedded now and you will be able to pick them up very quickly. Learning to get back on programme after a holiday is an important part of healthy eating for life.

  7. What a week Gina! I am so pleased you had a great time. the show sounds amazing and the photos look fun. The foods you list don't strike me as particularly sinful in the amounts noted :-)

  8. well done Gina, it sounds like it was a lot of fun albeit tiring, brilliant too that you had excellent local support with your sell out shows, makes it all worthwhile!

  9. Congratulations Gina, sounds like an amazing production. Cake making as well as everything else in a packed week, you are remarkable.

  10. Oh bravo to all concerned. It looks such fun but I don't think I've ever seen Charley's Aunt and it's a lifetime ago since I saw an amateur production. Must search one out to support locally.


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