Sunday, 6 November 2016

Free Cakes... Three Cakes

Since I was here last (it was only Friday, but feels like ages ago) I have made three big cakes... and not eaten any of them! The first was rather special as it was for an organisation called Free Cakes For Kids. I'd heard of them a couple of years ago via one of my students and at the time made a mental note it would be good to get involved one day. They provide birthday cakes for children who, for whatever reason, might not have a cake on their birthday

So being the year where instead of saying "I'll do that one day" I'm actually trying to get things done, I joined the Cambridge group and volunteered to make my first cake for a little girl called Orla who was two on Saturday. I was lucky enough to deliver the cake and meet Orla who declared "CAKE" when I came through her door! Her little face made it all worthwhile and I've ticked another thing off my sixty by sixty list. I'm now trying to think of some more things to add to the list that do not involve cake... I've got one or two things lined up but your suggestions are always welcome.

The second cake was for a good friend celebrating his 65 birthday. The landlord of our local pub organised a surprise party for him at the pub on Saturday evening as Vic apparently had never had a party before. And if you're having a party of course you have to have a birthday cake. Vic was almost as delighted as Orla proving cake can make you smile whether you are 65 or 2. It probably goes without saying that Vic is a bricklayer!

And the third cake was for my step daughter's baby shower which is where I've been today. It was organised by her friends at her Mum's home and we've had a lovely afternoon, chatting, playing silly games (for some reason I did really well at "Guess the Baby Food" which was quite disgusting) and eating a lovely buffet. I was so full I didn't get to try the cake!

Meanwhile we are still enjoying cold but beautiful days,

...and even colder nights but warmed by bonfires and hot soup... and spectacular fireworks organised by the village school.

And on a final note I discovered my pumpkin wasa runner up in a pumpkin carving competition held by Bridges, a cafe in Cambridge. At the suggestion of a friend on Facebook, I submitted a photo at the last minute and then forgot about it so it was a nice surprise to hear I'd won! I'll enjoy my free lunch.

So that was my weekend... how was yours?


  1. Not nearly as hectic as yours, or as interesting. Those cakes are fantastic and I can imagine the delight of each recipient. I have managed a bit of gardening but the soil is very stodgy, so it was only a bit. Most of the time I have been knitting myself some socks.

  2. It is a rather fabulous pumpkin, I am not surprised you were successful. It is such a lovely idea to make a cake for a little girl who might not otherwise get one. I wonder if there is a group in Glasgow, it might be a wonderful opportunity for Annie, who loves to bake. Have a lovely week. x

  3. You've definitely had a full weekend, Gina. Each cake is a complete gem. I will imagine that cakes made for Vic and for your stepdaughter might lead to future orders from folks who attended those two parties.

    Congrats on the champion pumpkin...have fun at the prize lunch...and who knows, maybe that pub will need a fabulous cake some day. just saying....

    Great to see the photo of you at the bonfire festivities. xo

  4. Happy Birthday Orla! and Vic! You're fulfilling people's dreams this weekend ... one never had a cake and one never had a party. Love the baby 'bump' cake! And that photo of you with your head on fire is spectacular! Congrats on the toothy win!

  5. Inspired and inspiring work there! Your 60 by 60 definitely spread the love.

  6. Free cakes for kids is such a good idea....every little one should have a birthday cake, well done you!
    Brilliant cakes as always, I still can't get over the belly button. :) Aren't baby showers just the best fun, my daughters was the first one I'd been too but it was great.
    Well done with the pumpkin carving. :)
    V x

  7. Haha -- that's the way all competitions should be won -- with no expectations! Your cakes are wonderful!

  8. It's no wonder your pumpkin won a prize, it is superb; as are those cakes, well done Gina.

  9. Hi Gina- been loving catching up with your blog. Congrats on doing all the technical bakes and getting to the show (coincidentally my daughter had 4 tickets for that last show but couldn't get time off work). Well Deserved!! Volunteering with Young Carers in South Gloucestershire I absolutely know what it means to receive one of these Free Cakes for kids. You are really inspirational, and on the 1,300 mile trip down to Umbria Andy and I started to draw up our 60 by 60 list-great idea. Liz x

    1. Thank you Liz! Good luck with your own 60 x 60. I'm not sure I'll make it to sixty things before my birthday but it's the trying to get there that's the fun part!

  10. Love those cakes and well done on the prize winning pumpkin (which, with those gnashers, looks like an evil Wallace!) Fireworks are sadly a no-no for us as the wimpy Boo gets so upset he has to be tranquilised.

  11. You cakes are amazing and what a great thing to do for that little girl! If you want to have a giggle pop over and see my attempt at a peppa pig cake from a couple of years ago. I only have to mention it and my friends laugh!
    At least I tried though!
    I love the brickies cake as well!

  12. Beautiful cakes! Congrats on winning the pumpkin competition!


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