Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cracking Crackers

Every so often I am reminded that teaching textiles and machine embroidery is what I do in addition to making the occasional cake or two. This week has been my last week teaching this term and as always in my weekly class we've been doing some seasonal makes and I was reminded of these crackers we made a couple of years ago.

Which in turn reminded me of my sadly neglected Etsy Shop and I decided it was time for a little update.

So please forgive the fact that this is a blog post devoted entirely to me selling stuff... but a girl's got to make a living you know

I've updated all the patterns in my Etsy shop but these little crackers are particulary suited to this time of year... although personally I think pretty crackers and fairy lights should be obligatory all year long... but that's just me! They are simple to make with a basic knowledge of free machine embroidery, although if your free machine embroidery skills are in need of a refresher I have a comprehensive DVD available too. Just £10 with free p&p in the UK. Send me an email if you want details.  It makes a great Christmas gift for those hard to buy for "stitchy" friends!

And as an added incentive, if you put in the code BLACKFRIDAY at the checkout of my Etsy shop, you'll get 10% off between now and next Monday, available on all patterns and anything else I might pop in for sale before the weekend (okay, I'm being wildly optimistic here but humour me)
Normal service will be resumed on this blog (i.e endless cake) very soon... but do check out my shop in the meantime! Thank you!


  1. Those crackers are so gorgeous and your DVD would be a lovely gift. Hope Etsy does well for you.

  2. Your art is beautiful! Are the patterns in your shop hard copy or PDF? Love the Etsy shop!

  3. They look great, hope you get lots of customers.

  4. So pretty! Good luck :)

    I hope you can stop by and consider joining in the 2017 PenPal sign-ups:


  5. I can testify to the quality of the dvd! It is great and would be a superb present. I also think the crackers are little beauties. When will the cracker cake show itself eh?.... I bet you've got an idea up your sleeve somewhere for a festive offering!

  6. It's reminded me that having bought the pattern last year, I still haven't made mine...I must get on with them.


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