Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Open Studios

Well that's another weekend of Open Studios done and dusted... My tenth!

In all the years I have been doing it I've never had such a quiet weekend, whether through recessions or other Wimbledon finals weekends, the number of visitors will fluctuate a little but nearly always average out to the same for each weekend. This year I was down to half the usual number.

I had old work and new work on display... Plenty to see and all for free. Although there was even plenty to buy should that be a reason for visiting.

Yet even the promise of cake didn't lure people in... On Saturday only one slice was taken!

But those visitors who did come were much appreciated and all were lovely about my work. I'm opening the doors again in two weeks time so maybe it will be busier then... I can only hope!

In the middle of it all on Sunday afternoon we had this... No you are not seeing double...

My brother came over with Hector's brother Herbie and for two hours there was absolute puppy mayhem... They were so excited to see each other!

It took all yesterday morning to get the floor clean and then this morning Hector did this... he was helping me with the gardening! He likes gardening... he's also dug up all my beetroot having taken a bite from each one and has now discovered the courgettes!

Never a dull moment eh!


  1. those cameos in embroidery hoops are magnificent work!

    (Next time you won't be competing with Wimbledon)

  2. If I lived nearer I would have been there! Embroideries and cake - a perfect combination. I love the 'portraits' - so clever.

  3. Oooh! I have a feeling that last remark was made through gritted teeth! Adorable pic of both labs together. X

  4. Oh Hector! You bad boy, ruining your Mum's hard work in the garden. Best wishes for your next open studio weekend - may the customers come in droves and make it all worthwhile.

  5. What a weekend! Your display looks wonderful, hope more people come next time.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping so too!

  6. I'm sure those who visited really enjoyed seeing your work close up. It always looks fab on your blog. Aww, those boys......

  7. Just had a read back through your previous posts - well done on getting a local stockist for your cakes!
    As for the Open Studios... I too have taken my work to various fairs and it's been very hit-and-miss. The turnout can be affected by the weather, what's on TV, what's going on elsewhere locally. And considering it's around £40 a day (or more) for a spot, on a bad day you're lucky to break even.
    Fingers crossed for the next one. Your work looks wonderful.
    Sarah x

  8. Oh Hector! What a tricky fellow you are going to be! Eating all the veggies. It must have been lovely seeing him playing with his brother. Hope that the next studios sees more visitors and cake eaters!!

  9. Oh how fun for the puppies (and you!). Naughty, naughty little Hector. I'm guessing this might not be the last of the messes before he's grown up LOL!

  10. Naughty puppies! Bet they loved seeing each other. I really love your work particularly the large landscape sewing collage. Beautiful! B x

  11. Oh it's a shame you didn't get more visitors. I hope it is better next time. You are probably right about being in competition with Wimbledon. Naughty puppies - but they look so cute!

  12. oops...well at least he has a healthy diet! ;)

  13. Puppy stage is always interesting - and certainly never dull!
    I love all your work, hopefully you will have lots o visitors in two weeks to make up for last weekend.

  14. Oh Gina, Hector and Herbie make quite the team...puppy mayhem indeed. I know seeing them in action would have made me laugh!

    I suspect that Andy Murray was the open studio competition. Nice for him to win, but I am sorry that you didn't have more visitors last weekend. The next one is going to be much more well attended. For sure!

    I like the embroidered landscape very much, and think you are one to something with the embroidered portraits. They seem (to my eye) to pick up on something related to tattoo themes.

    Sorry about Hector's vegetable enthusiasms. xo

  15. I am so sorry that numbers were down, perhaps more will come next time?

  16. I've got a courgette glut he's welcome to tuck into... we're not making inroads into them at all but I suppose I could make courgette cake! Would you recommend it? Sorry about the downturn in numbers for the open studio. Lots of work for small reward is hard going but at least you've got a small chum to keep you otherwise occupied!


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