Thursday, 27 August 2015

Postcards from Tuscany - Day Five

Firenze! So much to see...

Santa Croce

At the top of the torre of the Palazzo Vecchio

David (a copy outside the Palazzo Vecchio)

Ponte Vecchio

Gelato (I think I may have eaten my body weight in gelato this week!)

Santa Maria del Fiore - Il Duomo

And back to the Palazzo Vecchio....

So much to see but so hot and crowded!


  1. I'm loving your 'postcards'. It looks like a wonderful holiday.

  2. Beautiful pictures Gina - I hope you're having a wonderful time!!!

  3. I love that the Sante Croce stands so tall above all the other buildings and is not dwarfed by some modern monstrosity. I have a thing about rooftops and those lovely terracotta tiles. So much wonderful architecture and beautiful painted interiors.

  4. I should have read your first sentence more carefully. I saw the first picture of the church and thought, "Oh that looks like the one in Florence. It must be a common way of building churches in Italy." Doh! It WAS the one I saw in Florence two years ago. I realised as more and more familiar pictures appeared. I went to a conference in Florence and our first night was in the Palazzo Vecchio - it was my first ever academic conference and I thought that for atmosphere and surroundings it was going to be hard to beat and so far it has been.

  5. Lovely......and if you can't eat your body weight in gelato when in Italy then when can you! ;)
    V x

  6. Oh fabulous! I was in Florence in April, it was wonderful! X

  7. SO beautiful!!! And the photo of you and your beloved is too!!! xx

  8. Don't you both look so relaxed? Lovely to see.

    I always think that David's hands are far too large.


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