Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Dress

I bought this dress two years ago... A simple Jersey shift, very cheap, but perfect for throwing in a bag when travelling except it came mid way down my shins making it look rather dreary and slightly ridiculous on me.

It was just a matter of taking off six inches off the hem. Not a big nor difficult job, yet for the past two years it has remained in my wardrobe untouched... And unworn! Until this week when I decided I either had to alter it or put it in the charity bag.

And it wasn't a difficult job! It took just twenty minutes despite my thread breaking several times. And before anyone I have ever taught asks me when did I last change my needle... I changed it four blimmin' times, using every ball point needle I could find until finally I changed the thread. That worked! I don't have an over locker so it is not the neatest job ever but it is good enough for what was only a cheap dress to start with.

Just the job for throwing in a bag without ironing, easy to rinse out if necessary... And perfect for strolling around the streets of Siena and Florence! Now I must go and paint my toenails and pack my bags. Back soon with tales of sunshine and vineyards from the Chianti hills!


  1. Your dress looks anything but cheap - what a great idea to shorten it. I have horrible legs and feet so would want it as long as possible!
    Have a great holiday.

  2. The dress looks lovely on you. It certainly does not look like it is inexpensive. I usually need to re-hem purchased clothes but it takes me quite awhile before I do it. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day.

  3. Just in time for your holidays! I hope the sun is out for you in Italy. I am hopeless with alterations, all my jeans are too long. Have a lovely trip. x

  4. It's always the way, practical sewing is always the last thing you want to do, no matter how quick and simple it's going to to be!
    It looks great Gina.
    V x

  5. bought some new jeans, which need shortening
    and accidentally left the bag hanging on the trolley.
    Kind security guard handed my senior moment in.
    STILL need to hem the retrieved jeans ...

  6. Love Italy! Your dress looks great and ideal for packing. No ironing....even better!

  7. Love the dress! Have a great holiday :)

  8. A perfect summer dress! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday X

  9. Great looking dress. I bet now you altered it you won't take it off and wonder why you didn't do it ages ago! I have an East one like that. It's nearly died now so I'm going to take a pattern from it and make another.


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