Monday, 7 July 2014

Random Crap Monday

It has been one of those weeks when every time I thought I would write a blog post about this or that,  either the moment passed, I ran out of time or I forgot to take a photograph, and I ended up not blogging at all. So I thought I'd do a bit of a round up... a sort of "Five on Friday" but then I realised it wasn't Friday, so that wasn't going to work... so instead you've got "Random Crap Monday". Don't laugh... I could be onto something here... this is how trends start you know.
1. Open Studios
The reason for my "too busy to write a blog post busy-ness" is that I've got Open Studios coming up in just five days and every spare moment is being spent making stuff. I've been working on some new canvases, the same style as I made last year but in different colour schemes. They might be finished by Saturday... you never know!
2. Fabric Flowers

As well as new work for the walls I've been making loads more of the fabric flower corsages I made last week so that I'll have some smaller stuff to sell at my Open Studio weekends... and I'm also putting together a tutorial so you can make your own... but it's not finished yet!
3. Birthday Flowers

I had a birthday at the weekend. Nothing to make a fuss about... I've had loads of them before, but friends and family made sure I was thoroughly spoiled. I had loads of flowers, got taken out for lunch, had dinner made for me... and lots of really wonderful presents. I have lovely friends and a super family... thank you all!

... the present that made me laugh loudest though... this bag. (Which inspired this blog post) Next time I need to tidy my studio I can just shove everything in here. Thank you Jude!
4. A birthday cake

While I was out Saturday, Stewart made me a birthday cake. He has NEVER, ever made a cake before in his entire life, so this really was a big deal. He admitted it took, Google, Youtube and a trip to two different supermarkets... but give him his due he did it. And not only did he do it, it looked good and tasted wonderful too! Thank you Stewart for the cake and Gill for twisting his arm just a little bit!
5.  Le Tour de France

I decided to extend my birthday celebrations and took myself into Cambridge this morning to see the start of the third day of the Tour de France.

As to be expected the streets were packed but I found a good vantage point with some other friendly folk sat on top of a wall.

Before the start of the race, there were various vehicles from sponsors, French policemen on motorbikes, British police moterbikes etc. all whizzing past to cheers from the crowd.

More and more people arrived, helicopters buzzed overhead and then suddenly after almost three hours of waiting, the cyclists came past... and it was really exciting for about ten seconds!

I jest, because it was a brilliant morning and the atmosphere was terrific and even though I'm pretty indifferent to cycling I had great day!
So there you are... that's my random crap for this week and tomorrow I'm back working on the Open Studios preparation. Do come and see me if you are around this way.
12th/13th July and 19th/20th July from 11 am. until 6 pm. Full details here:


  1. I could do with a random crap bag or maybe just a skip! You've had a busy week and I love the canvas and corsage brooches. Hope you have a great Open Studios week.

  2. Happy Birthday Gina. It is nice to be spoilt every now and then. Random crap is definitely my thing! I have been to the Tour de France twice (once with small kids in tow), the best about it was the random freebies thrown at the spectators. My husband thought it was awesome and trekked down to Yorkshire last weekend to get another chance. Good luck with the open studios. I look forward to the flower tutorial. x

  3. I would come and see you if I could Gina!
    Glad you enjoyed the ten seconds of le Tour, I know what you mean we had the Giro here a couple of onths ago but it is good fun!
    I actually do think 'Random Crap' could catch on! ;)
    V x

  4. P.S. happy belated birthday Gina and well done Stewart!

  5. Happy belated Birthday. I think those flowers are Addictive! We have the tour down under here, our small town often has a finish but the best fun is when they go past the end of our valley not many of us gather but the police toot and wave, the cyclists on the whole go past in a colorful blur in seconds.

  6. Love the comment above about having not just a random crap bag but a skip, I think Heather might be onto something, only I would feel guilty for sending so much stuff to a landfill :D. Glad you had a great birthday.

    My hubby has followed the Tour for years and we even went down to Portsmouth when it came across in the 90s, so I know what you mean about the huge build up and then over in seconds. He was a little miffed to find it going to Yorkshire so many years after moving away. It even went along a route he used to cycle into work.

  7. Got to love the Gendarmes on motorbikes in their tight black leggings...sorry, where was I?! I'd heard tell of that bag, and I think it's inspired - I want one! I could fill about twenty of them though. The cake looks magnificent, but Nick said Stewart is setting a dangerous precedent there...

  8. Happy Birthday Gina! Glad that you had a great time. I love the random crap bag and the title for your post!!! I look forward to lots more random crap Mondays! xx

  9. Belated happy birthday wishes Gina.The tour de France looks like it was great fun. We were put off by the traffic reports and watched on t.v.!

  10. Haha -- I feel your blogging dilemma -- I should have named my five things I posted on Sunday Random Crap too LOL!

    --That cake looks amazing!
    --The bits for your open studio are beautiful too -- I'm sure you'll be a big success.
    --I'm trying to think of something snarky to say about the Tour de France being in England, but it's too early here for clever.
    --Happy Belated Birthday!!!

  11. I love that canvas in the top photo!
    S x

  12. I do hope that Open Studio goes well for you, a friend had hers a few weeks ago and had just four visitors!

  13. great title for a post and a bag Gina. although your post is anything but crap! lol love your open studios canvas too.

  14. I LOVE that bag - although I'd need a whole army of them to get rid of all my random crap! Glad you had a great birthday and hope your open studios goes really well.

  15. I nearly bought that bag, but knew I'd fill it, leave it filled forever then buy another & continue in the same way. 'Random crap', evidence of a full life.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to you, dear Gina.

    How grand to have that wonderful cake baked for you!

    I enjoyed seeing those photographs of the Tour's arrival in Cambridge. Yes, a long wait for such a quick look, but what excitement.

    All that you are preparing for the open studio is looking very, very good. xo

  17. it was so beautiful of Mr 'Mister' to bake you a cake!
    I'm sure Open studio is going to be fantastic for you are a very talented artist.

    Take care!

  18. Have a wonderful Open Studios. I think we all need a Random Crap skipbag. I may have to make one! Well done Stewart for your cake baking skills. Great British Bakeoff here we come?!

  19. It might have been random but it wasn't crap! Enjoyed catching up with your week. Good luck with the Open Studios today - raining here so hope it's better in your neck of the woods inspiring people to get out and about and visit you.

  20. A lovely varied post, and it's makes me wish I'd have made the effort to go and see the Tour de France. Next time maybe.
    Note to Stewart, - fine effort, but one Swallow doesn't make a summer! Look forward to seeing pictures of your next cakes, Miss Bossy Boots x


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