Sunday, 24 March 2013

Never Mind the Weather

Do you remember a couple of months ago when I embroidered this piece of net? I was inspired by the weather forecast and at the time I hoped it wasn't going to snow... but it did! I didn't expect it to still be snowing a couple of months later... but I digress!
This piece of work was passed on to Catherina who could do with it what she wished... even cut it up!

However, she decided not to cut it up  or alter it but instead very cleverly added a backing. She stitched a woodland scene with snowdrops.

And then hung the stitched net over the top like a curtain.

So the whole scene can be viewed through a snowy veil of net.

I think it is quite ingenious and I would never have thought of doing that. This now has to be passed to the next member in the group for another contribution.

As part of the same project I received Catherina's initial textile which was a sun dyed cloth, covered with weather related images...

such as feathers to represent the wind and snow flakes to represent... well, snow obviously! (We can't get away from the stuff can we!)

I dithered for quite a long time wondering what contribution I could add to this cloth and then when I read Catherina's post about how meaningful birds have been in her life recently it seemed obvious that I should make a bird. Immediately my mind was racing and I had in mind a fabulous cockerel... a Weather Vane... how clever would that be to link back into the theme. But then I had to stop and remember that this needs to be passed on to three more people and it is no good me having a finished project in mind.

So what I have made is less a weather vane and more like a weather pigeon.

I'm not at all happy with the end result but had to stop myself adjusting and adding to him. I very much wanted to add embroidery to the wings like the lovely bird in this post but had to stop myself. The urge to finish something is rather strong but I need to leave it be and let the next person in the group add their mark.

We don't meet again until the end of April and I expect it will be a while before other changes are made to these projects but I'll show you the results when that happens... perhaps by then it will be warm and sunny. I can but hope. Meanwhile perhaps I should make myself a bird with embroidered wings?
You can read about Catherina's story of this project here.


  1. Your 'funky pigeon' is making me smile! If it was coming to me next I would be delighted, what a treat to play with! Now you're itching I would say, yes, make yourself an embroidered bird. Your net looks beautiful over the backdrop.

  2. I love what Catherina did with your beautiful net, it looks so right.

    And what a super weather bird, the fabric is marvellous isn't it?

  3. I love what Catherina did, so glad she didn't cut it up!
    Love the pigeon. :)
    Weather here today is bright and sunny but still bitterly cold (probably yours for tomorrow)!
    V xxx

  4. He looks very perky, even though a bit naked - I bet you were just itching to decorate him. I look forward to seeing a bird with embroidered wings. I just know you'll do it xx

  5. Both pieces of work are fantastic, the development ideas are certainly unique and make the most of the original samples of fabric.

  6. I love the way your friend used your embroidered net piece and your pigeon is fantastic.

  7. Fantastic! I love that weather pigeon...

  8. Your weather pigeon is so cute! What a neat idea. Too, I love what your friend did, creating a backing for your winter veil.

  9. I think your bird is fabulous and a very clever progression of the cloth you were sent. What a great idea, I've seen several blogs doing this kind of thing, must be amazing seeing how the end product comes out.

  10. How clever you are Gina! It's so fun to watch these projects. I hope when your group is all done, you'll show us all of the finished results!

  11. I love what you have done with my fabric, Gina. The weather pigeon would be nice company for the Pigeon Hollandaise. I will blog about that. I so know what you mean that you want to add more and finish it, it's difficult to hand it over.
    I am glad everyone seemed to like what I did with your winter veil.
    It would be great to see what the other come with it. x

  12. Wow, that is very interesting - group work... I 'd find that tough too. 1. I'm not great at delegating work ( if my husband offers to hoover, for e.g. I think "he'll not do it as thoroughly as me and I'll only have to do it again anyway, so what's the point? And 2. I never know when to stop But it really sounds like a brilliant idea. Can't wait to see how the bird turns out. Looking good so far!

  13. Isn't this just creativity at its best?

  14. Oh the use of the net over the scene - that was lovely - how on earth anyone will improve on that - love the bird and look forward to seeing how it transforms.

  15. What a great project and I love the way it changes with each person. The snowflake net was one of the nicest things you've done..and then it just got better!

  16. I can imagine how strong the temptation is to fiddle and complete everything but you've shown remarkable restraint and produced a fabulous 'weather vane' for someone else to work on. I'd consider myself very fortunate if that was the raw material that came my way! Clever thinking going from 2D to 3D. It will be intriguing to see what the final outcomes will be.

  17. Gina I do love your weather pigeon, what a great idea. I love Catherina's clever use of your beautiful panel too (so glad that she didn't cut it!). Hope you have a lovely Easter x


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