Sunday, 7 October 2012

Birthday Boys!

Well I'm not entirely sure where the past week went...
There was some rather super machine embroidery from my class on Tuesday (photos for another blog post) and a lovely Young Embroiderers meeting yesterday resulting in amazing work (more photos for another blog post), not to mention meeting up with bloggers, our first Spectrum meeting since July, as well as other work related stuff... but mostly this week seems to have been dominated by family birthdays.
On Wednesday, my youngest boy celebrated his 20th birthday... there was a special meal with a toffee cheesecake. And then today we had a family gathering with twelve of us here for Sunday lunch...
Because my biggest boy is thirty on Tuesday... not really a boy anymore I guess.

But never too old to blow out candles!
Happy Birthday Ben and Jake!


  1. Happy Birthday Ben & Jake!!! :)
    They'll always be your boys Gina!
    Vivienne x

  2. Oh, bless them, don't they look good?
    Happy Birthday boys!

  3. Toffee cheesecake you say? Sounds delicious - two of my favourite things combined! Happy Birthday to your boys as well - surely one is never too old to blow out candles - we do them in dog years now...

  4. ooh - toffee cheesecake - that sounds one to try. I made a clementine cake this week with lots of ground almonds (yum) The boys look as though they were spoilt.

  5. Not technically boys maybe, but they'll always be your boys! Toffee cheesecake sounds yum.

    Happy Birthday to them both :-)

  6. Busy days, but happy days, eh? Happy birthday to both.

  7. Happy Birthday to your boys! Wine with cake is one of the perks of no longer being a little one ;-)

  8. They will alwayus be your boys even when they are old and grey! happy birthday to both of them. Cheers

  9. Life just eats up the weeks doesn't it? Happy Birthday boys - you know where to go for a really good cake!

  10. What a busy week, happy birthdays!


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