Sunday, 24 June 2012

Home Again

After two days of driving we are home at last. We spent last night en route in Sees (there's an accent there somewhere but I don't know how to insert it in Blogger!) where there was an impressive Cathedral but not much else... which may be an unfair judgement on our part but we were not in the frame of mind for sight seeing with the focus already on getting home.

We've had a lovely week away and a chance to relax which was what we both needed but much as it is great to get away and have a holiday... coming home is good too!

Not least of which is that first decent cup of tea! And there is something about coming back from holiday feeling refreshed that makes me feel that anything is possible... which is probably just as well as I've 12.5 metres of vintage bunting to make in the next week not to metion Open Studios in less than three weeks time!

But before I got cracking on sewing bunting this evening we had a rummage through all our wedding photos to see if we could find a picture of the band... and found this one with Charlie, one of our lovely hosts in France.. he's the one hidden behind the tree! And it brought back lots of lovely memories just in time for our anniversary on Tuesday.... but now... back to that bunting!

p.s. Thanks for all your lovely comments on the last two posts. I wasn't able to reply when I was in France and now I'm home with deadlines looming I've not really got time to answer them all but they've all been read and appreciated... Ta!


  1. I'd think you would need another break to get over two days driving! Great photo of a lovely couple. Happy bunting making and I hope the weather picks up - you don't want soggy bunting.

  2. Happy anniversary to you both for Tuesday!
    And happy bunting making too. ;)
    Vivienne x

  3. And the same sentiment from me, too. Try not to over-do it!

  4. Happy Anniversary to you both Gina. Lovely memories and a great holiday by the look of it.... time to crack on with that bunting now by the sounds of it.... 12.5 metres!!! did I read that right?

  5. Happy Anniversary for Tuesday! (Did you not take your tea bags away on holiday with you?!)


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