Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Catch Up

Life seems to be one long round of catch up recently and as I skip between family events, teaching classes, keeping up with degree work and trips out it seems hard enough to fit in any semblence of normal activity, never mind blogging. So this post is a bit of a catch up too! There has been yet another significant family birthday this month... my little brother is fifty! Happy birthday Tony!

On Monday I took a rather special class as a group of five ladies got together in one of their homes and invited me in to teach them a "machined textures" day. This is the second time I've taught at someone's home rather than in a classroom environment and it made for a really good day (not to mention the really good lunch that they provided!) Most pieces are still works in progress but as ever they look good and I'm always amazed by the variety produced.

Catriona's is probably the least finished but as she was our host and was running around providing us with cups of tea and all the necessary bits and pieces we needed I think she did really well to get this far. I especially like the way she is using the dark background.

The second one is Jenny's and I got to see the finished piece yesterday which is beautiful.

I think the one above is Monica's and the one below is Jackie's

And last but not least is Jenny's (another Jenny!)

Straight onto Tuesday and another class. This is one that I teach every week and the ladies have been working on a long term project over the past few weeks to make a book jacket based on some machined shadow work using sheer fabrics. I made another based on my poppy seed heads as an example and although most of the group are still working on assembling their covers, yesterday two of the ladies completed theirs.

Margaret made this beautiful example below.

And Pat made this lovely book jacket which was her second version!

Meanwhile I've got lots more teaching coming up in the next couple of weeks... back at Art and Stitch and Art Van Go amongst others, as well as few trips here and there so I could well be playing catch up for a few more weeks yet. But let me finish this particular catch up with a couple of things received recently. First of all a lovely little parcel of goodies arrived unexpectedly from the very talented Carolyn of Love Stitching Red. Thank you Carolyn!

And last week a blog award from Jenevieve. I'm very flattered, so thank you very much Jenevieve. I expect there are rules about passing this on but those of you who know me from old will know I like to break these rules... because all the blogs I read are lovely blogs!

Must fly... degree work to catch up with today! (Not to mention laundry and housework!)


  1. The book covers are wonderful... may have sparked an You-Know-What gift idea!

    Kristina and I both agreed that the poppy heads at Kew reminded us of you!

  2. I'd love to do a journal with this sort of cover - mine are more abstract [becaue I can't draw].
    Oh to be in Cambridge just as Gina's there ...

  3. what lovely bookcovers and machine embroidery - very talented ladies!

  4. Your ladies' works are lovely and the book covers are gorgeous - your poppy head design is so striking. Love the goodies you received. What a good thing we have mod-cons these days or you'd never get everything done! I wish I had your energy.

  5. The ladies did you proud Gina. I love each and every one of the machine textured landscapes and book covers. If I was very naughty to pick a favourite I think it would be Margaret's floral book cover, but all are gorgeous!

    Have a lovely week Gina, hope you get all your stuff done and thanks for the mention, it was just a few little tidbits for you ;o)

    Off to get my sewing machine out now ...

  6. I love the book jacket covers, really gorgeous!!
    I think the little saying in your parcel of goodies that a house is beautiful because of it's cakes is great, everyone should have that on their wall!!
    Vivienne x

  7. A lovely post with lovely work all round. I loved the saying re the cakes too........ :O)

  8. Wow you have been busy - what fabbing things your students have been making, gorgeous.

    By the way I am having a giveaway at mine, pop in and have a nose if you get a chance.

  9. What gorgeous embroidery - I particularly love the book covers! It must be so rewarding passing along your skills:)

  10. What wonderful work from your students, Gina! Those book covers are beautiful.


  11. You have been so busy. Love the book coves. I think Carolyns saying is most apt. Thanks for your comments on my blog:0)
    Happy creating!

  12. Thanks for filling us in on your busy life! How I wish I could come to one of your classes. They sound like fun!

  13. It looks like the ladies have learned your lessons well Gina! And it sounds like YOU need a rest from all that teaching!

  14. The book covers are super - and your older brother reaching fifty wow!!! When do you ever get time to just sit down?

  15. Happy Birthday to your little brother.
    Such lovely stitching, those book covers are gorgeous. Roll on Saturday.

  16. Love the samples - were your ladies playing with water soluble fabric? (not that I'm in need of inspiration for my class, or anything...)

  17. Big Sister Ally and I still plan to have a crafty weekend at mum and dad's house (we'll let them go away somewhere!) so that you can come up and teach us how to do clever things!

    Lucy x

    I'm really struggling to keep up with blogging and commenting at the moment so I'm sorry for not commenting on some of your other lovely lacy posts


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