Monday, 6 September 2010

Good Start to the Week

What better way to start the week than with a parcel full of goodies wrapped like this, arriving in the post on Monday morning...

I was lucky enough to win this box of loveliness from Piccalily and Blossom... all so prettily wrapped they were almost too good to open.

And inside it was just as lovely...

The cutest little knitted and embroidered brooch.

A dear little cup filled with a rose scented bath bomb plus a selection of pretty ribbons and lace. I'm feeling very lucky this morning... thank you Sam!

And talking of things to win... you may remember I had a triple giveaway earlier in the summer and the third and final prize is still up for grabs. Well... only six more posts until I reach 500 and I'll make the final draw. So if you haven't done it yet and want your name added to the list leave me a comment HERE.

Not only that, I am aware that I still owe three people ( Twiggy, Wonderwoman and Mavis) a parcel in my PIF giveaway from at least a year ago... I haven't forgotten and I'm on the case!


  1. What a perfect start to the week. I had lovely post today too and have been smiley all day!


  2. What gorgeous goodies Gina - I know what you mean about 'too pretty to unwrap'. Enjoy using them.

  3. What a wonderful start to the week - such a pretty parcel. Blue and white china like that reminds me so much of my grandma who loved it and had lots of it! x

  4. What a brave lady she is - sending a textile person a hand-made brooch - mind you it is quite lovely.

  5. Wow, thank you Gina for the lovely comments....blush blush.I am glad the parcel arrived safely.

    Have a lovely week.

    Sam x

  6. Beautiful gifts...... A great way to start Monday!

  7. Oh what a lovely way to start the week, I hope you had a nice cup of tea in the cup, then went and had a relaxing bath with the bath bomb!

  8. Getting a parcel of pretty things has to be the best way to start a week. You are a lucky gal!
    Congratulations on almost getting to 500 posts. That is an accomplishment!

  9. Hiya I have printed off the receipt sounds lovely. I am obviously an awkward blogger and i do not understand how you reply to me but thank you soo much anyway!!!!

  10. What a gorgeous parcel full of goodies! Lucy x


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