Thursday, 25 March 2010

Presents in the Post

I've been a bad blogger! I have been the winner of not one but TWO giveaways recently but have failed to mention the fact so it's time to put the record straight. The first was from Heather. We first got chatting because she is a mother to four girls and as you know I have four boys... comparing notes etc! Heather gave away this lovely felt table mat because she felt it needed some stitched embellishment. I thought I would blog about it when I'd added the stitch... but as yet it hasn't happened.

and my second win was from Sue - a huge envelope stuffed full of the most beautiful papers which I will use for books. The idea was I would make a book or two and then blog about this win... but that hasn't happened either!

So while these lovely prizes sit reminding me that eventually I intend to do something with them I thought I should say thank you to both Heather and Sue. And when I get around to doing that "something" I can blog about it all over again. Thank you both for my lovely presents!


  1. Lovely "wins" Gina..... I know the feeling, having won one recently. The lovely bits and pieces then wait for the right opportunity, don't they? I have no doubt you will create beautiful things from them. Have a great day!

  2. Aren't bloggers the nicest? Very nice gifts Gina!

  3. Lovely presents! And one day you will do something amazing with them! Now get back to your studies!!! Lucy ;o)

  4. We know you're busy Gina :-)

    That makes me feel a bit better about the mountain of 'good intentions' sitting in my studio.



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