Friday, 16 January 2009

Random Stuff!

This post is full of random stuff, with no link between any of it... sometimes it happens that way! I've just got back from Granchester where I've been speaking to The Cambridge Quilters. No matter how often I talk to groups I always find it nerve wracking and convince myself everyone is going to be bored silly! But they were a lovely group of ladies, who laughed in the right places and said nice things about my work so it has been an enjoyable morning. If you are looking in ... thank you Cambridge Quilters, it was lovely to meet you!

Thank you all for the wonderful supportive messages you left on my last post. I don't know why such a lack of confidence seems to accompany working creatively but it does and your encouraging words meant a lot. As promised some more photos of the shirt, which is far from complete. Hand sewing text is laboriously slow!

But I'm enjoying seeing the work grow and eventually hope to cover the whole things with these messages.

All of them have been things that I have actually said over the past few weeks so I think it will be interesting to read them in years to come.

My Dad said it reminded him of when I was a teenager and didn't want to come home at a reasonable time etc... that was different though, wasn't it?

It is now all packed up and ready to take to London tomorrow. I should also thank my tutor James Hunting for his support and help during this module. He's been brilliant!

I've had a super parcel in the post this week from Andrea of Indigo Blue who send these fabulous wiggly bags made by her year 10 students. You can read how she went about it on her blog. They are fabulous Andrea, thank you so much and please thank your students too. It's not too late if anyone still wants to make wiggly bags (these are bags used by children receiving treatment for cancer. It keeps their IV lines tidy and out of the way) - just drop me an e mail.

What else.. Julia at Marmalade Kiss is having a giveaway so do go and pay her a visit! And I have to tell you about the latest book I am reading - The Time Traveller's Wife - it is fantastic and very clever. It tells the beautiful love story of Henry and Clare who meet when Clare is 6 and Henry is 36 yet marry when Clare is 22 and Henry is 30... you just have to read it! I'm having trouble putting it down at the moment!

Finally, I would like to leave you with something I saw in the Times this week that amused me... something for those of you who keep chickens and are also partial to a little knitting... a project for the weekend!

They are rescued battery hens whose feathers are not as thick as they should be so they have little sweaters to keep them warm. Was it wrong to laugh?


  1. oh dear, it may be wrong to laugh at the hens, but they do look quite funny, in a wonderful way!

    The shirt is fantastic - well done, what a brilliant job!

  2. The book is a cracker, read it a while agoand loved it,and cried.
    Wonderful shirt,well done. I wish I'd had the foresight to do something like that...
    The hens..laugh?? why ever not?? it's funny. Better than dressing dogs up!!!!!!!!!! now that's not funny

  3. I blogged about reading that book last summer. I absolutely loved it, and read the end whilst at the swimming pool with the kids. Here's a tip - don't read the end whilst you're in public!

    That shirt is wonderful - it reminds me of No.1's polo shirt the day she left primary school - all her friends and teachers signed her shirt - the Yr6s all came out with graffiti all over them!


  4. oh my god, that is sooo funny and sooo cute! made me laugh outloud!


  5. Oh, poor chickens!

    I have been meaning to get to the Time Travellers Wife - it's on the shelf waiting for me to get round to it.

  6. Hello,
    The chickens made me laugh,thankyou.x
    I think your shirt is very clever.

  7. The shirt is fab, the wiggly bags are great, I LOVED that book and the chicken sweaters are fantastic!

    Lucy x

    P.S. I'm sure your talk was fantastic and you charmed your listeners! I just wish I could have been there too!

  8. I was just going to say "Those hens look realistic!" Oops! lol I like the way the shirt is progressing. Sadly, I missed out on the "What time do you call this?" bit. I was a stay at home teenager. Had my rebellious years a bit later!

  9. Those hens look so cute - they are straight out of a Beatrix Potter story! Your shirt is coming on a treat - it's a great idea.

  10. Hi,
    Glad the wiggly bags arrived ok. My in-laws have four chickens and I am going to show them this. Just hope they do not call my bluff and ask me to make some!

  11. I can't imagine a shirt with all the things that I constantly say stitched onto it. Does stitching them make you want to say them any less?

  12. Those hens! Is it wrong to want to knit for them?!

  13. I have not forgotten the Wiggly bags. I will make some, I promise...

    Have those chickens really got wooly jumpers on or is just camera trickery?

  14. That was a riot! I just love it! Thank you for the wonderful chuckle!!!

  15. The Time Travellers Wife is one of my favoutite books of all time. I have read it so many times I can almost recite it by heart.
    I think it is a 'love or hate it' book as Clive and I almost always enjoy the same books, and he didn't like it. Nor did a lot of my book-reading friends. Very odd. I wish Audrey unpronouncable would write a sequel.

  16. What a great photo of those hens!!!! I really enjoyed The Time traveller's wife, I think it is one of my favourite books.

  17. Coincidence! I read Time Travellers Wife and loved it, but lent my copy to someone and didn't get it back. Saw a nearly new copy in the Oxfam bookshop today so I bought it again! Obviously won't have time to read it though -too much homework.
    Love the shirt!

  18. I wonder if I should make my girls some vests out of crocheted hexagons?

    I keep meaning to get that book out of the library as I heard such good things about it.

    I love the shirt - what a great read!


  19. Just discovered you. Beautiful blog. You make me want to sew.

  20. What a great shirt!! Puts new meaning to wearing your feelings on your sleeve... however that phrase goes.?

  21. wearing your heart on your sleeve --that's it -;)

  22. beautiful work on the shirt. a woman after my own heart! yay for hand stitching:)


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