Sunday, 25 January 2009

Can't think of a Title!

What a fun day we had yesterday at Art and Stitch. I got to sit and play at my sewing machine all day, talk to lots of people and meet some blogging friends... which can't be bad for a day's work. This is me with Angela, photo courtesy of Julie!

I did lots of demonstrating (and drinking tea and talking!) so now as well as there being a turquoise brooch there is also...

A red brooch with a flower...

A purple (yes... it is purple) brooch with a flower...

And a red brooch with a heart. So the winner of my heavy metal giveaway can choose their prize and pick the brooch they like best.

Which leads me nicely to ... the winner... Toffeeapple. If you email me with your address and tell me which brooch you would prefer I'll get it in the post this week.

A quick change of subject... many of you will already know that tonight is Burns' night. Not any old Burns' night but the 250th anniversay of the birth of Robert Burns. So yesterday my dear Scottish husband came home with this... a haggis.

Now call me fussy... but to someone who hasn't eaten meat in over 15 years the idea of minced up lamb's lungs, heart and liver, mixed with spices and oatmeal all wrapped up in a sheep's stomach isn't all that appealing! But I was a dutiful wife and I cooked the said beast and even bashed some neeps to go with it!

There are some compensations to it being Burns' night though!


  1. Oh well. Guess I missed it - in Bloglines the winning post (8.43 pm) hadn't shown up yet!

  2. Oh! I'm a confirmed omnivore who indulges in animal protein quite regularly and that REALLY doesn't appeal to me. Although CK will share a wee dram with you.

  3. Lovely metal work embroidery.
    Have a great Burns night and yes that haggis looks... scary!

  4. hehe, happy Burns night :D (they do veggi ones too u know?)

  5. Congrats to Toffeeapple.

    And I wouldn't eat haggis either - eeeeep!

  6. Beautiful brooches - so pretty.

    My next door neighbour is a Scot, and called me yesterday to warn me he was having a 'get together' to celebrate Burns Night. I told him I'd knock on the wall if they got too rowdy ;-) x

  7. Happy Burn's Night!
    Missed out on haggis this year as the butcher had sold out :-( We had the neeps with partridge instead. For those who are timid about haggis - it like spicy mince nce and it's delicious!


  8. Those brooches are lovely Gina.
    I've never tasted haggis I'm afraid, but wouldn't mind trying it if I had the chance. I hope you had a good time.

  9. Beautiful brooches Gina! Congratulations to Toffeeapple! I've had haggis at a Burns Night once and it was actually rather nice as long as I didn't think about it! And it was the one night I've enjoyed whisky too.

    Lucy x

  10. Congratulations to Toffeeapple. I hope you enjoyed your Burns Night. We are going to be a day late as we had some wine and then I forgot about the whisky! Oops! (Don't tell my late Scottish grandad).

  11. OO, I'm so excited! I rarely win anything and never have won something so beautiful. Thank you so much Gina! I'm going to e-mail you now. And thanks to those who have congratulated me.


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