Saturday, 27 September 2008

What's on your washing line today?

I've been dying several pairs of boxer shorts a lurid shade of pink (flamingo apparently). Why... all will be revealed (and more!) next weekend...

I wasn't meant to be dying pink pants today. I should have been in London taking my piece of work in for selection day for Prism but I woke this morning with a streaming nose, achy limbs and a pounding head... a sure sign that I'm doing too much! Stewart came to the rescue and has been to London with my work. Not sure how much I'm supposed to say at this stage but there is good news which I hope I can share soon which makes all the tears, tantrums and staying up half the night on Thursday all seem rather silly now! As Stewart says... I'm a wally!

Moving swiftly on...
the box!

I managed to hack my way in and have removed three items, replaced three items and as of yesterday the box is on its travels again... will you be next?

I think I'm allowed to show you what I've taken out. First of all a lace collar because I love old bits of needlework. Then there were some rather lovely buttons. I can see a sock creature called "square eyes" in that lot!

And last but not least, I wanted to take out some rather gorgeous fabric but I was out voted by other family members and instead I got this chocolate fudge... which of course I had to sample. It is truely scrumptious so I have to conceed it was a good choice. Given the lack of dinner here tonight it is probably just as well we have something to sustain us!

I don't understand the label though.... "Keeps for a few months. Can be frozen." Why would you want to do that???

Come back tomorrow to see who has won the giveaway. Still time to leave a comment if you wish to be included.


  1. now you have my dying of curoisity about the pink boxers!!! ????
    ~Emily in Norway

  2. Full monty?
    Its funny, in my washing machine its usually the one pink thing that dyes everything else.

  3. Oh Michaela's fudge looks incredible - Lesley told me all about it! I'm not surprised it jumped out of the box at you!

    Keeping my toes crossed re your course work - sounds rather hopeful.

    And very interested in the pink pants!

    Lucy x

  4. freeze fudge? How could you do that?

    I am very excited to hear your news - tell tell tell!!!

  5. Can't wait to hear your good news. Well done Stewart for your stalwart effort.

    Lovely goodies from the box.Feeze fudge? I don't think so!

  6. You are a tease - I wonder what the news is?

    And I'm sorry, wonderful as you are I'm not sure I'm ready to see you revealing all in a pair of bright pink boxers ;-)

  7. Loving that you have shown the things you took from the box. Someone (who shall remain nameless but looks a LOT like me) didn't take any of the initial box content (looks at ceiling, whistles tunelessly). I loved those buttons, they were one of my actual brand new buys for the box. I am pleased that you love them too.

    Plus fudge frozen? Oh Michaela has much to learn of the ways f the world doesn't she?

  8. am dying to know about the pink boxers - the mind boggles.! hope you are soon feeling better.


  9. Awww, I'm sorry to hear you're not well Gina - take it easy. And I think I told you the Prism thing would be fine?!?!

    That fudge looks lovely - no wonder you kept it. I still haven't had the box ... every time the postie draws up outside I wonder if it's the fabled box. Not yet, it's not!

    Take care. x

    PS: Only you could have flamingo pink pants on your washing line! Can't wait to see what you do with them (and will 'Phwoar' be modelling them? :-D )

  10. Well I thought that you might want to freeze fudge in case Auntie Mabel was coming to stay at Christmas and she loves fudge and you didn't know if it would last that long! Fudge is also very nice eaten straight from the freezer - it goes really hard so lasts ages when you suck it, it melts slowly and makes your whole mouth go gooey and chocolately!

    But I'm glad you ate it anyway!

  11. Feel better soon Teach. Husbands do have their uses...

  12. Hi Gina
    I was also at Prism and I know what happened and saw Stewart looking worried when he couldn't find your work at the end of the day!!!! I won't spoil your reveal by explaining .......
    Hope you are feeling better now

  13. I do hope you are soon feeling much better. The box thing looks very exciting and look forward to hearing about your Prism news!

  14. Too bad those buttons were gone when the box arrived here (today - yippee!). I have, however, managed to find box content to console myself, and shall duly blog it later this evening - what a fun swap, isn't it!

  15. Great choices from the box Gina. I had to leave the fudge in the box as I know just how scrummy it is and thought someone else should get to sample it!

    The pink pants look interesting!!!



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