Sunday, 7 September 2008

Flying the nest.

Today has felt like a huge milestone in our lives. The first of my children has left home. Ben has moved out to share a flat in London with three of his friends from University. It is a wonderful and exciting time for him. Even though they've all lived away at various times, this somehow feels different. His room is empty and all his things are gone. The journey through life that we have with our children is full of ups and downs, happy times and sad times but ultimately you hope you do a good job and they can go off and make their way in the world as confident, independent and happy adults.

This is me 26 years ago (younger than Ben is today!) decorating what was to be a nursery, when Ben was a barely visible bump!

They start out as this tiny new person
They grow up and become fun companions.

Somone to laugh and joke about with.

You send them out to school, into the big wide world... their early steps in independence! Difficult as many of you have found this week.

And before you know it they've grown up and made you immensely proud.

Ben seemed to go off today a confident, independent and happy adult.

It's just me that feels a bit sad!

So this afternoon I've sat on the Sofa and watched the 1959 film "Our Man in Havana" which made me laugh, and finished off a few more of these characters.

They have yet to be named, and I'm a bit concerned about this last one's feet (not to mention his eyes) but it's kept me occupied.

And if I still feel sad this evening there is always the ultimate comfort food... bread and butter pudding! This one made was with a left over Panatonne.

I've just realised that I need to change my profile... as I only live with five men now!!!


  1. Just as you get to love them even better as adults, they leave. I cried for quite a while but the prospect of their possible return with all their paraphernalia makes me cry too!
    As for the yer heart out yarnstorm!

  2. When they are babies you can't imagine what they will be like as adults.
    My two are 13 and 10 and it only seems 5 minuites ago that I was at home with them before they went to school.
    I think your sock creatures are great.
    My son has a sock monkey dressed in our local rugby team strip.

  3. This is a beautiful post Gina. Your boys are very lucky having you for their Mum and hard as it must be to wave them off, it must be good to know you have prepared them so well.
    Take care of yourself and just think....that's 16% less laundry!!

    Fab sock monsters, even the spooky toed one :)


  4. Gina this post made me feel rather emotional - what gorgeous pictures of yourself and Ben. I especially love the one of Ben as a tiny. I've only had little steps towards their freedom so far - Miss P2 put herself to sleep tonight - no more lovely snuggling required at bedtime! Hope you're not feeling too gloomy tonight - that does look like excellent comfort food to help you through. Perhaps Mr Wine could help too - just as a toast to Ben of course.

  5. He went off happy and successful - you must have down your job right!

  6. Oh you poor thing! I am dreading this moment even though J is only 12 still (for 10 more days anyway) ... I know that it will only be 6 more mintues until he leaves home because already it feels like a nano second ago since I gave birth .. and for my own parents, it's hard to believe that what feels like a minute ago for me, they were younger than I am now ... Time is a strange thing to grasp. x

  7. Well thanks a bunch - this post made me cry! As much as my children drive me insane, I dread the day when I no longer have to nag about the mess and wash endless muddy football kits.

    I love your mad and crazy sock creatures.

    The parcel arrived yesterday - many, many thanks on behalf of all our little ones in school. I can hardly wait to get in tomorrow and see who goes for what costume. They are lovely, thank-you so much!

  8. What a lovely post Gina. I'm sure Ben has so happily left because of the mother he's had for all the years prior to his leaving. He's probably as proud of you as you are of him.

    No.1 started at 'big' school last week - I don't know how that's possible when she was a baby only 20 minutes ago!

    The sockies are fabulous - as always.

    Take care :-) x

  9. Oh, hugs Gina. What a lovely post. Good luck to Ben, and lucky him for having had you to prepare him for the big wide world!

    Lovely photos - especially the one of you with baby Ben. Now I'm off to look at my two while they sleep - and I'll try to remember your lovely post when they're driving me mad tomorrow!

  10. oh i so know how you feel - one of my sons left home a couple of years ago and although you are happy for them it leaves you in an emotional turmoil! that was a lovely post and you've obviously done a very good mum job! lots of hugs.


  11. Ah Gina such a touching post. You have given him love, confidence and knowledge now he is going out into the big wide world and you will see what a capable person he has become.Be proud of yourself don't be sad.
    Sock puppets are looking good.

  12. What lovely photos of you and Ben! But I can imagine how strange it must feel to let go! Hope the B&B pudding cheered you up a bit! Lucy xxx

  13. Hi Gina,
    Oh don't be sad- he's happy and successful and if it goes the same way as all my other friend's children you'll still end up with all his washing in a couple of weeks. I felt all empty nesty when my one and only left school but now she's at college and still telling me I'm rubbish the pain isn't quite so bad! Just to let you know as well I proabaly won't be at induction day now unfortunately.

  14. I have that to come, take care and immerse yourself in those lovely creatures you are making. x

  15. Hi, I'm at stitching show Thursday too!

  16. I'm with Jackie on this one. When my daughter moved out to get married and all her stuff was piled in the hall, I had to take myself off for a walk to prevent unseemly emotion. When I got back, much later, it was all still there and I was horrified to think she had changed her mind and wasn't going. It turned out that it was car-load two that was waiting. I felt such a hypocrite!

  17. I'm with Jackie on this one. When my daughter moved out to get married and all her stuff was piled in the hall, I had to take myself off for a walk to prevent unseemly emotion. When I got back, much later, it was all still there and I was horrified to think she had changed her mind and wasn't going. It turned out that it was car-load two that was waiting. I felt such a hypocrite!

  18. God having children is joy and anguish all in one hour isn't it? Waved Will off for his first day at school and then wished Anna had gone too. I know when they're in bed and I blog the pics I'll be all lumpy throat! Sock creatures.....much less trouble.

  19. Aww, what a lovely post. I hope you're coping ok without your biggest boy .... have you moved your stash into his room yet??

    Luckily you still have a way to go before you have a completely empty nest!

    Loving your recent pictures of you and your young family; what a truly fabulous hands-on mum you must be ... I'm jealous on behalf of my children!


  20. Happy Landings, Ben.
    It looks to me as though you have had the best possible preparation for adult life.

  21. Oh I know how you feel. My daughter lives in London and I yearn for her company every minute.

  22. I suddenly feel very guilty about having to leave home next year.

    I'm sure Ben will be absolutely fine, especially after the brilliant start you have given him :)

    Good luck to both of you!

  23. Such a lovely thoughtful post. I think it's a bit easier when you still have plenty to keep you busy and hope his venture into London is successful x

  24. Oh my I read this with tears in my eyes...they really do grow up in the blink of an eye...

  25. I was in tears reading this post. And can ' feel' the closeness between you and Ben. And I love the photo's you have shared.

    You are a beautiful person and lovely mum and I am sure you and Ben will remain close. But I also know it's not the same as having him living with you.

    I love your latest creations ; they always make me smile. And I am glad that creating helped you through some of your emotions.

    Sending much love your way.

    Dot xx

  26. P.S And I love the wonky toes!


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