Tuesday, 18 June 2019

The Elephant in the Room

I'm  not going to talk about that elephant in the room... the thing that everyone wants to ask... any news, have we got a date? No I'm going to talk about everything else that has been going on instead.

I finished another blanket.
I know... I finished a blanket just a week or so ago but this one has been on the go for many years. At least six years as I first mentioned it here. I would go through phases of  making squares and then leave it for months before picking it up again to add a few more. Even when I had finished the 168 squares, each one subtly different from the last, it took me almost as long to sew it all up... all those loose ends! Was it worth it? Yes I think so, although what I will do with it now I don't know. I do know I might take a break from blanket making!

This is going to be in the order that the photos have loaded rather than the order that I have been reading, although to be fair I seem to have read a lot in the past month  and I can't really remember the order in which these book were read!

I had high expectations for The Lost Letters of William Woolf. It seemed such a great idea, such a wonderful premise... a lost letter department of the Royal Mail where letters were reunited with their recipients. The romance of hand written letters gone astray, finally arriving at their destination seemed to offer such great potential for a story. But I was disappointed, finding it far fetched and over romanticised and mostly about the failing marriage of William Woolf.

In the need for a quick satisfying read I have turned to thrillers. The Dark Room was okay but felt very dated, and The Taxidermist's Daughter was okay but wasn't really engaging me... probably more to do with that elephant in the room effecting my concentration rather than the quality of the writing. However I did read The Killing Habit by Mark Billingham in just two days... I do rather like DI Tom Thorne!

I also enjoyed The Stranger Diaries by Elly Griffiths, Normal People by Sally Rooney and I am now part way through An American Marriage which I am thoroughly enjoying. Maybe my powers of concentration are returning!

I have been picking up my knitting on and off since the start of the year and it has taken me this long to finish this Hitchhiker scarf. At the beginning of the year I made a pledge to finish nine projects in 2019. This is the third project that I have finished which  doesn't bode well for getting them all done by the end of the year does it.

Looking at that photo I am slightly alarmed that my neck looks like a turkey's... oh dear one day you look in the mirror and all is well with the world then suddenly before you notice you have turned into your grandmother. Not that I have a problem turning into my grandmother as she was a wonderful woman... but you know what I mean! At least the scarf looks good!

I bought the dog a new bed because I felt sorry for him.He chooses to sleep on the floor as he only has a hard plastic bed... his own fault as he eats his beds. But do not be fooled by him curled up looking cosy... he loved it for one night before he dragged it out and chewed it, pulling out half the stuffing. Which of course is why he didn't have a comfy bed to begin with. You think I would learn wouldn't you.

I have made two chocolate cakes this week. The first was for Free Cakes for Kids, although this time it was not for a child's birthday. The Cambridge branch of the charity also supports a couple of homeless charities and so this chocolate cake was delivered to Wintercomfort. Everyone with a June birthday was entered into a draw to win the cake.

Donna won the cake and then shared it with all the clients using the services that day. I was privileged to be asked to stay for a cuppa and a chat. It always leaves me humbled that just a cake can mean so much.


 The second chocolate cake was for this gorgeous baby... except he's not a baby anymore (although still pretty gorgeous but I am biased). Son no. 3 Joe celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend! Where did those years go?

We had a family barbecue to celebrate. At Easter we thought it would be the the last family gathering in this house. Little did we know...

Each week I take my Mum to her painting class. Mostly I just sit and draw in my  sketchbook  but the for the past couple of weeks I have been joining in with the class. Last week I painted that proverbial elephant!

Talking of which... today we had a bit of a break through. I don't want to tempt fate by saying too much but I might actually be shooing that elephant out of the room by the end of this week!


  1. (will whisper, very softly The Unmentionable has a wonderful blue face)

  2. Despite being the elephant in the room I think your representation in your painting is gorgeous, this coming from someone who cannot draw or paint. I'm sure the unmentionable will get sorted soon it just starts to wear you down after a while we had similar two years ago when we moved. My reading seems to have slowed down but I think it's because I'm reading a non-fiction at the moment so there's not a particular story to draw you in with lots of twists, turns or dramas. Hope the news by the end of the week turns out to be good.


  3. In spite of being in that awful state of limbo, you seem to have been as busy as ever. Those cakes looks delicious (I try not to think about cake) and I love the little pointed edging to your scarf. Fingers crossed for 'you know what'.

  4. How could I have missed out the blanket! It's a masterpiece and will become a family heirloom. I have one made by my aunt about 50 years ago, and it is still in occasional use.

  5. You have been busy. Love those cakes, even though I can't eat them. That rug looks fabulous. Hope that elephant goes away.

  6. Delicious cakes, gorgeous blanket and scarf and beautiful painting of an elephant- speaking of which, fingers crossed here for you!

  7. Love your elephant painting, just stunning. You sure know how to keep busy while waiting. Keeping my fingers crossed for the elephant in the room to depart soon. I had a longish chat with a homeless woman the other day and felt so useless really. Maybe offering some support via a charity would be the way to go for me? You are my personal star for bringing a smile to the face of those who have not normally much to smile for. xx

  8. I love your elephant ( not the one in the room obvs)!!
    And the blanket was definitely worth it!!

  9. I will say nothing but shall just hope...

  10. Another blanket, you will be cosy! Beautiful elephant too. You must have cold hands to handle so much chocolate so neatly. I can see it melting from me looking at it through a screen!

  11. Love the painting, you're so multi talented! I saw that scarf on Instagram and wanted to make it myself. It looks great on you! xx

  12. You've been a busy girl Gina! As always, your cakes are drool-worthy -- lucky recipients. And I can so relate to your ... one day you look in the mirror ... I look JUST like my paternal Grandmother. HOW did that happen? As I told my Dr. the other day when he asked what's been going on ... "Well, my face fell since I saw you last." LOL.


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