Monday, 28 August 2017

Being Mysterious!

It's not going to wash with you guys if I tell you it was another crazy week is it? I know, I know... they are all crazy but there really were so many cakes to make over the past seven days that I'm not sure why I thought I was cutting back on the baking. But I was determined to fit in a little bit of art and dug out my gelli plate to do some printing for half an hour one morning.

It has been a while and I was out of practise but soon got the hang of it again.

And sticking to a palatte of blues and greens, in no time at all I had covered a large sheet of paper with a variety of marks.

I have a little challenge going on and these prints may end up as part of something else, they may not. Much will depend on how much time I have this week. Which all sounds very mysterious, but it's not! I just want to wait until I have a finished item that has ended up with its recipient before I show you more.

There has however been some mysterious cake baking and you really will have to wait until later this week before I tell you more about that too... It has all to do with the new series of the Great British Bake Off which returns to our screens this Tuesday on Chanel 4. And no, I'm not on the show but I have had a sneak preview and it is looking really good - a seamless transfer from the BBC in fact. The show is exactly the same with a diverse mix of lovely contestants, a signature bake, a technical challenge and a show stopper. And the new presenters are great. Noel Fielding is the surprise wild card but he is very funny and works well with Sandi Toksvig. And Pru Leith has stepped quite comfortably into Mary Berry's shoes.

So as I can't show you my surprise bake just yet I'll leave you with this one instead... and should I forget to show you what I baked you might just see it on Chanel 4 on Thursday evening. Maybe!


  1. Oooh, we love a good mystery Gina! I sure wish I had access to your tv schedule -- by the time it comes on here, I will have forgotten about your secret LOL!

  2. You woman of mystery you!! Sounds intriguing Gina. Have a great week and i'll be watching this space! x

  3. That's a fabulously clever cake. Will watch the show now! X

  4. You are such a tease! Must admit to spitting out the dummy when the GBBO changes were announced and swore I'd never watch again. Cannot bear Noel Fielding but will still tune in and just focus on the bakes. Including yours!

  5. Thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog Gina, and wishing the best for your Mum. That last bit of waiting is so frustrating.
    I love the birthday cake and your Gelli prints. I haven't come across my Gelli plate yet but there are still plenty of unopened boxes to deal with. Carpets down tomorrow - it's all go and everything done in the wrong order!

  6. I like a good mystery! I like the colours you are using for your gelli prints. I might even tune into the bake-off. Have a good week.

  7. Well I watched it and it was seamless as you say. I kind of felt disloyal but I love Sandi Toksvig and she has made QI her own so why not do the same for GBBO?Sounds like I shall be tuning in to an extra slice too then.... and as for that printing.... Lovely stuff.


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