Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Snapshot of my week

I seem to have settled into a regular routine of baking and other domestic chores of late, so it was an unexpected surprise when I was asked to demo for Art Van Go at the Festival of Quilts at the last minute. Having only a couple of days to gather supplies and decide what to demonstrate certainly focuses the mind but after rearranging some other commitments I arrived at the NEC on Thursday morning raring to go!

I travelled up with Anna Pye, my friend, neighbour and talented printmaker and we both had a fabulous day. We talked to people all day long, demonstrated some of our artwork and generally had a wonderful time. This is before the doors opened to the public.

I was stitching these little brooches... if you want to give this a try yourself you can find a tutorial to buy here in my Etsy shop.

Meanwhile, there have been three birthday cakes this week... this one for a friend who is a keen blacksmith in his spare time. His reaction when he saw the cake made it so worthwhile.

A rather serious looking cake for a young lady who has political aspirations... but the serious exterior hid a frivolous cake inside. A strawberry daiquiri sponge... three layers of vanilla sponge soaked in a strawberry rum syrup and sandwiched together with a lime buttercream and rum soaked strawberries!

And finally another layered sponge cake today. I've a couple of days off before more birthday cakes next week.

There was also more farm shop baking this week and this was my table on Friday morning. The cakes and jam are selling well at last.

And today I managed a couple of hours in the garden. Since breaking my ankle I've not been able to do much gardening. Although Stewart cuts the grass he's no Monty Don... and the weeds have taken over, so much so I decided that one bed needed clearing competely. I hadn't bargained on help from my under gardener though, who proved to be very good at digging, although perhaps a little too enthusiastically!

What... me?


  1. A lovely busy week, Gina, and gorgeous cakes too.. My mouth is watering, even at this hour of the day, at the thought of your gorgeous daiquiri cake. Decadence on a fork! I Hope Hector doesn't decide to go solo in all your flower beds. xx

  2. We could use a good digger in our garden at the moment! Jack is a bit lazy, being an old man and all (two tomorrow). Glad your cakes are selling well now. x

  3. Just reading your blog makes me feel tired! Everything looks wonderful and the cakes are a triumph. I do love your under gardener. Will the training classes run to teaching him the difference between weeds and plants?!!

  4. Your stalls look great, glad you both enjoyed the day xx

  5. Busy, busy. Love those birthday cakes, wish I lived closer and could have one made for me!! Think the under gardener needs a bit of training in weeding now.

  6. Glad you enjoyed your day at the FOQ!
    Brilliant cakes as always and how big is Hector getting??
    V x

  7. Looks like you've had a fun and busy week. I love those little brooches (especially the cat and dog!) and, as always, your cakes are beautiful!!!

  8. Gina, I'd love to attend that Festival of Quilts someday...I think it would be wonderfully overwhelming! It's grand that you could accept that last minute opportunity to participate. (I also thank you for the link to your friend, Anna Pie's, site...she is so talented, like yourself.)

    The cakes! I love the anvil decoration, and would definitely want to have sampled a slice from the politician's cake. Looks like the jam and bread are the perfect combo at the farm shop.

    And great fun to see helpful Hector in gardening mode. I guess he's been doing a bit of free style training in his earlier gardening exploits. Ha. ha.


  9. Gorgeous cakes and I am so pleased sales are improving at the farm shop. I hope Hector can distinguish between weeds and flowers.

  10. Glad you enjoyed FOQ. I dashed around it on Sunday- it all feels like a bit of a dream today! The cakes are wonderful!

  11. Your stand at the FOQ looks really good, I'm glad it was a success. So pleased your under gardener is helping with the digging too!

  12. Strawberry daiquiri sponge sounds heavenly! Really enjoyed FOQ on Friday, it seems to get bigger every year. Hector's expression is priceless - always good to have help in the garden.

  13. I am so pleased that the shop is starting to sell your products at last. I hope it continues.

    Those cakes are stunning! Well done.

  14. I've read back through many of your posts to catch up on your summer Gina. You've been baking up a storm! All your cakes are gorgeous and I'm glad to hear they taste good too ;) If we were closer I would be ordering one for my dad who turns 93 tomorrow.
    Love those bright and snappy graffiti badges. I'm glad you enjoyed your last teaching at the Abbey, and hope that something new will come your way there so you can continue with that a little bit. It's so nice to see all that you've been up to ... please give Hector a little pat and snuggle for me?

  15. Just catching up - belatedly as usual. The cakes look great as always especially the politically biased one. As for Hector, it looks like he's had a growth spurt or two all of a sudden!


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