Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Up the O2

We've been on a bit of an adventure today. As part of Stewart's birthday present back in June I bought him an "Up at the O2" experience. A bit of an ulterior motive as it was something I quite fancied doing but I was banking on him wanting to do it too... Fortunately, he did!

So today we booked ourselves a day off and headed into London. After a fabulous lunch at Ottolenghi's in Spitlefields we then walked down to the river and caught a boat to Greenwich.

Because it is so wide it is easy to overlook the fact that the O2 is also 52m high! After a safety briefing and getting on our harnesses we were off... walking all the way up to the viewing platform on the summit!

It was absolutely brilliant! The views were fantastic and we picked a fabulous day for it... Warm, bright and not too windy. Even though my knees hurt this evening from the climbing it was definitely worth it. And for me I've ticked the first thing off a list...

After my birthday this year I decided I would like to have a list of sixty things to do before I'm sixty... I've got two years to write my list and tick things off but so far I only have a couple of things on my list. One of which I've now done and the other I'm doing in a couple of weeks!

The problem is that I can see this being an expensive challenge if I carry on at this rate... So any suggestions for fun but cheap things I can add to my list will be gratefully received... Except I'm not doing anything that involves jumping off things like aeroplanes! Do leave me your ideas in the comment box.


  1. You could have a cheap Latvian holiday by visiting me and felt some alpaca wool. Most of what you do would be on my list, such as days spent doing artwork. Bliss! No chance at the moment, but maybe after the PhD is written? Have fun anyway

  2. My son did that with an Uncle & loved it. Have you visited the Sky Garden, Fenchurch St. It's not really one for the list, but it's free & the views are amazing. For my next big birthday, I'm planning on climbing a mountain in either Wales or the Lake District and (of course) the weather will be perfect. But I'd quite like the posh hotel bit too, so it won't be cheap.

  3. I had no idea it was possible to climb the O2! It does look fun (but not for me, I like my feet on the ground). I would suggest the West Highland walk but you have done that already!
    I just gave Richard an Ottolenghi cook book. I might surprise him with lunch when we visit London. xx

  4. Well done both of you. I could manage the lunch and boat trip! How about the Ten Tors in Devon or maybe Ben Nevis or even Snowdon?!!

  5. WOW! Well done to the both of you and what a lovely day it looked. I am inspired at the moment by a friend in her early '70's who climbed Ben Nevis in August. It took her 5 hours going up and 4 1/2 to come down.I too have a list that seems to grow and I look forward to your next adventure Gina.

  6. It looks like you all found a fine way to celebrate Stewart's birthday...fantastic weather in which to enjoy those fabulous views. I'd no idea that it was possible to climb to the top of the O2. (That lunch must have been terrific, too.)

    I'll be interested to learn more about what you'll be adding to your list, Gina. With a rather large birthday of my own looming, I'd have to now set 80 (good grief!) as a deadline for such a list for myself.


  7. I am glad that you too us up there because I would never make it!! I hope that you have fun with your 60 things!! Sounds like a great project! xx

  8. Oooooh, that looks super fun -- good for you guys!!! I love the idea of 60 things before 60 -- I'm guessing my hubby wouldn't go along with it though! I'm voting for Ben Nevis too!!!

  9. Brave woman! Being a Taurean, I like my feet planted firmly on the ground at all times, and even have to brace myself to stand on a chair to change a lightbulb! You both look very happy, what a great thing to do together.... If you are that way inclined! I like the sound of the lunch though!! X

  10. Well done, it looks brilliant.
    Well, apart from my first suggestion of dyeing your hair pink, you could
    1. Organise a game of hopscotch in your village
    2. Run up a 'down' escalator (or vice versa, if that's better on the knees)
    3. Go geocaching (Linda used to do that a lot)
    4. Make cakes for your friends (oh, yeah you've done that, thank you) xx

  11. Wow, what a fabulous experience, I'd love to do that.
    Have you thought about going to Go Ape? There's one in Thetford Forest, lots of high wire walks and climbing? Also there a fabulous zip wire, possibly in Wales or Derbyshire that they've shown on Countryfile. Segwaying appeals to me too. Can you tell I'm a bit of a thrill seeker?!

  12. Ah, what a fantastic project! I'm reading "eat, pray, love" yonks after everyone else I know, and I haven't seen the film, but you probably know it - and while the reason couldn't be more different than yours, something strikes a chord here. So my first thought was that you go and learn yoga or meditation in India. My next thought is that you do something you profess to hate, to see what you learn from it - so how about a spot of wild camping in the Outer Hebrides? Camp anywhere so very cheap, take a trowel as there are no facilities, but I do know that (20 years ago) you could get a hot shower for 20p in the public loos in a car park in Stornaway (nicer than it sounds - very clean). You won't forget it, that's for sure, and the wilder the weather the better! Fantastic scenery, breathtaking beaches and sunsets, and no midges because it's too windy. Do it!


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