Monday, 20 July 2015

Finished for Another Year

Here I am at the end of another busy two weekends of Cambridge Open Studios... the tenth year I've taken part. I uploaded the photos last night but was too exhausted to write anything which was probably a good thing. It would have been a very different post from this morning
I was really happy with the way things looked this year and was excited by my new venture... the pop up cafe, but last night I felt tired, deflated and was left wondering whether it was all really worth the effort. The idea of the cafe was to possibly attract more customers... especially the many locals who have never set foot in the house. But alas, that was not to be. There are a handful of friends and neighbours who always pop in and support me but there are many, many more who most likely never will, no matter what is on offer.
But after a good night's sleep, this morning I am more philisophical about the whole thing. Yes, it has been hard work and I'm exhausted, yes, it would have been good to have lots more people come but overall it has been successful. Those who have visited have been enthusiastic and kind about my work and many have gone away saying that they feel inspired and I am grateful for that.
I would still continue to create in one form or another even if there were no Open Studio visitors so every single person who comes and visits is a bonus. I have also sold some work too and that of course is the icing on the cake. I always feel that Open Studios is about showcasing work so sales are always very much appreciated.

In between the two weekends I was making more cordials... a cherry and lime cordial made from cherries picked from the tree on the field behind our house.
And of course, making more cake... these two were for our Embroiderers' Guild supper on Friday...
But there were more new cakes for the pop up cafe too.

And although it would have been good to have attracted more new people along to try the cake and visit my studio I still managed to raise £80 for the East Anglian Children's Hospices.
And so I'm not being grumpy and waiting for the storm to pass... (not that it is in the least stormy)
But I'm dancing enthusiastically in the rain... whilst dismantling all the open studios stuff, packing for a class at Art Van Go tomorrow, getting ready for Summer School next week, and believe it or not... baking another cake! So I'd better get a move on...


  1. Well if I lived closer and heard you were baking cakes, I'd be round in a shot!
    Seriously though I'm glad you had some lovely visitors and sales and Really well done on your fundraising!
    V x

  2. Glad to hear a good night's sleep helped to give a different perspective in the morning. Nothing worse than putting heart and soul into something and not seeing a resounding affirmation for the work you put in. I'm half expecting that with the research I'm doing. I just hope and pray, like you, that it showcases the work I'm doing and the after effects will ripple on later. Oh if only we could see the outcomes more clearly - or perhaps that's not such a good idea sometimes :D Onwards into the unknown then Gina it is! :)

  3. I'm glad your day went positively & well done you on raising money for the hospice. Cherry & Lime cordial sounds lovely, I have some sour cherries that the birds wont touch so I might try & make some x

  4. Wish I lived nearer, I would have come, of course to see your work, but homemade cordial & cakes too! People were mad not to have come. But I do alot of local community things around here and there are always always the people who never come whatever the event. Katharine x

  5. £80 for the children's hospital that's really great and I'm sure they will make good use of the funds. I don't think people appreciate how much hard work goes into making these types of events the success they are. Well done on all your hard work.

  6. I am sad that more people didn't come, but this is the first year of the café, so perhaps more will come again in future years if you do it again. It is great that you raised some money for the hospice, all donations will be welcome I am sure. I hope that you have a good summer doing summery things and enjoy your cakes and bakes! xx

  7. I'm sorry you are feeling a little deflated but I have to say that your art work and cakes look wonderful.It often seems difficult to attract new people to such things. There sometimes seems to be the perception that 'it's not for me'though I don't know why that should be. But well done on raising all that money. I used to teach in special education and know how valuable the hospices are for the families.

  8. These events are always an awful lot of work, and pretty exhausting and time consuming, but for those who come along, a real pleasure x

  9. There is no let up, is there? Glad you are pleased with the results of your two hectic weekends - it's a shame they weren't a bit more hectic. Those locals who didn't turn up have missed several treats.

  10. Gina, what wonderful, "many layered" preparations you made for this summer's Open Studio. I think the concept is quite wonderful, and having looked at the listing of participating artists, was truly awed by how much creativity was to be on display.

    I know that all who visited your place were treated to both your fabulous hospitality and an insider's viewing of the many creations you displayed. Just setting up such displays can be exhausting...but of course, having a winning exhibit does require all that you did. And then...there was the cordial and cake.

    Oh my goodness! I congratulate you on the success of these two weekends, and also on your sensitive evaluation of what was it all about.

    I could go on and on, but what I truly want to tell you is .... how I wish I could have been there! xo

  11. I'd say that's a success Gina! Besides, how can you lose with all that CAKE??? Yum!!!

  12. That all looks fabulous! There is a huge discussion after each of our Art Weeks about whether it should go yearly but to be honest I have now learned that every other year is plenty enough, especially with a relatively slow process of textiles. I also think those who go to these things also like the anticipation of the 2 year gap. It also leaves a bit of room in the calendar for other things even if it's just a break! (or in my case a virtual total rebuild of my home)

    Perhaps I should ask you to come and stay next year. Nothing to do with your baking skills at all of course. ;-)

  13. Well, if I lived closer or didn't have 'driver's block' I would be there like a shot!

  14. Gosh you are busy! I would have loved to have come along to your open studios, especially with those delicious cakes on offer! ;) Well done on all the hard work. People had no idea what treats they would miss with that and your lovely artwork!
    Jess xx


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