Friday, 20 February 2015

Part Time Blogger

I seem to have become a part time blogger! There was a time when I could turn out three or four posts a week no problem but these days it's a struggle to manage once a week, if that. Since I was last here I had a super day at the V & A... Nothing to show for it but I enjoyed learning more about egg tempera... And no, I have not managed any more painting! But I will!

I have been busy finishing off these shoes...

Spectrum, the group that I mentor, were invited to exhibit at Textiles in Focus, a three day show that takes place in  Cottenham each February. As part of the exhibition we have all put in work that came from a joint project called "Thinking outside the Box". Members of the group could start with any type of box they liked but had to create a piece of textile artwork from this. I chose to work with a shoe box and made shoes for Frida Kahlo... Part of an ongoing body of work based on the Mexican artist.

I was inspired by a quote from Frida... In 1953 following the amputation of her foot, she wrote in her diary the following words...

So, I made fantasy shoes to be her "Wings to Fly". This is my display at the exhibition which opened today.

But this is not all there is to see... There is fabulous wearable art from my friend Gill.

Super quilt and panels based on gardens and ironwork from someone else you might know...Jill.

Gorgeous colours from Jenny and Margaret.

And these stunning cushions... From Jill again... she's so clever! And that is just a small taster of what's to see at the exhibition.

As well as exhibiting I have been teaching at the show too, so spent a whole day this week just putting together kits for stitched needle cases. The first class this afternoon went well and there is another to come on Sunday.

We also woke to water pouring down the light fitting into our dining room this morning... but the less said about that the better! (problem now fixed and everything is drying out before the ceiling gets repainted. The entire house smells damp!)

But on a cheerier note, as so many of you sent good wishes... I'll finish with a photo of the newly weds... James and Lizzie by the Rialto bridge. I've just realised that I've become a step-mother-in-law!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Brilliant work, I love Gill's wearable art...gorgeous !
    Lovely wedding photo! :)
    V x

  2. Your posts are always great to read anyway! Terrific photos of the exhibition. Your Frida Kahlo display looks wonderful, especially with the Frida doll - looking forward to seeing it 'live' on Saturday.

  3. Don't worry - I too am a bit part time on the blogging front. I'm wrestling with the technology and currently the technology is winning! It says the creative energy.

    Love those shoes!

  4. Sorry that should read 'saps' - the technology battle is now sapping the proof reading energy!

  5. Love those shoes and the exhibition looks so exciting

  6. The exhibition is going to be a treat for all who see it, and I love Frida's shoes.
    Congratulations to the newlyweds - a lovely photo of them.
    Hope life will be a little less eventful for a while!

  7. Gina, your Frida K homage is quite wonderful. What an interesting woman she was. It's grand that she's still inspriing other fine artists like yourself.

    I hope that lots of folks will be able to visit the exhibit and seen all the artists' creations. How spirit lifting to have all those glowing colors on display.

    Many congratulations to the newlyweds!


  8. Your work is so incredible! The knowledge of her losing her foot makes it so poignant. A great exhibition! Congratulations again to the newly weds and to you as a newly step mum in law! I think that calling you Gina might be less of a mouthful! xx

  9. All the work looks great and I'm sorry to miss seeing it 'in the flesh'. Maybe Spectrum could show it at an informal?

  10. Gina I love love love your Frida work, I wish I could see it for real. Wouldn't you fancy a little exhibition in Cornwall :)

  11. I think Frida would totally have got your homage. It's marvellous - oh, those shoes! Congratulations.

  12. I'm so sorry I've not got along to the exhibition, had to spend a few hours in A&E yesterday with Mr T, a post op infection, so I didn't want to leave him all day today. He's okay, but very fed up. The work looks beautifully presented, looking forward to hearing more about the weekend from everyone.

  13. Posting once a week .... welcome to my world! Now I know you're not superhuman after all! Love all the Frida K. things, especially the box. That is divine work Gina, so skilfully realised. Hope the exhibition is a success. Lovely to see those poppy cushions of Jill's again. Such a talented girl and now part of a talented group with a great mentor.

  14. The exhibition looks wonderful, just sorry I couldn't get there. Beautiful wedding photo too.

  15. what a great looking exhibition with some talent in there! I love your shoes!!

  16. Congratulations to your stepson and his new bride! And you've been a busy girl while I've been gone. It looks like a great exhibition!

  17. Lovely images Gina. Everyone's work is incredible! Love love those cushions though. And of course your shoes - just wonderful! xCathy

  18. Looks like a fabulous show of work. What a lot of work you have all done.
    And the wedding couple look so lovely. Congratulations

  19. So much happening ! i love the shoes.

  20. It was a great exhibition! Congratulations!

  21. Hi,
    I can see how much you worked for this. Everything looks great!


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