Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I'm Still Here...

But I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment. Too much "Bonkers" and not enough "Enjoy"! Trying to juggle various aspects of teaching in between a large but lovely commission on top of supporting family etc. etc... You really don't want to know the ins and outs of it all and I'm fed up listening to myself moaning. Some days I feel that I'm really not coping... On top of which... my knees hurt! So much that even swimming is painful so I'm not exercising and that makes me grumpy! Boy, am I grumpy!
So as you might imagine blogging is pretty low down on my list of priorities right now. But I thought I'd stop by to share some of the lovely work done by my students over the past couple of weeks... which is enough to make anyone smile right now.

Some fabulous landscapes finished in my Tuesday machine embroidery class

By Jan (above) and Di ( below)

Gorgeous colours from Ann

A seascape from Julia... That water looks inviting!

Beautiful work from another Julia... A beginner!

And this joyous piece of work from Nina

My year two City and Guilds group are continuing to make wonderful work too

A needle case and Chinese styled vessel from Jane. Both exquisite!

A beautiful pomegranate inspired cushion from Linda

And this stunning lampshade from Mara.

Now I shall stop writing, stop moaning and get on with this commission... before son no. 2 arrives for lunch!


  1. I've had some catching up to do here since my computer had not been working properly. Such beautiful landscapes, and I just love that lampshade! Wonderful work, it must be such fun seeing what different ideas come up in your classes. I also really liked the illuminated letter you painted. I quite enjoyed painting with egg 'tempura' ;) in my early art classes too. In fact I just dragged out one such painting at Christmas of a piece of Indian corn which my mother used to hang over the fireplace. It wasn't half bad! Wendy x

  2. However bonkers, you must be doing something right to get such beautiful work out of your students. That 'enjoy' time is a necessity not a luxury. Hope you find some balance soon.

  3. So glad to hear from you - one more day and I was going to e-mail to check on you! Sorry that you are having some grotty times, I hope that it will work out soon and that you have/had a lovely lunch with your son and that it cheered you along. Your students work is all wonderful isn't it. They are amazing, especially the new lady. Some great artists - bought to life by a great teacher of course! Thinking of you. Hugs. xx

  4. Life does get you that way sometimes doesn't it Gina?
    As Margaret Mitchell wrote in my Nan's favourite book and film (Gone With the Wind ) After all, tomorrow is another day.

    Those stunning landscapes from your students have definitely brought some sunshine into a grotty gusty wet day here for me.Testament to your tuition I think.

  5. What beautiful work from your students and I do hope things settle down a bit for you x

  6. Those landscapes are luscious and the other student pieces are gorgeous too. Hope your knees will soon be more comfortable - that would be enough to make me grumpy.
    Also hope the commission is going well. Nice to have your son's company over lunch.

  7. All the work is absolutely stunning - they're all obviously very creative, but I know it's something to do with the tutor as well!

    So sorry about the knees. There's nothing worse than knee pain, when it stops you doing what you want to do, and it does make you very grumpy. You have my heartfelt sympathy.

  8. You sound like your plate is full just now Gina. Your students' work must make you very proud, it's fabulous! You have always been a very inspiring teacher. I'm sorry to hear about your poorly knees, have you tried any of the painkiller gels or creams? I can't take Ibuprofen but the Fenbid gel does help.

    I hope things settle down for you soon and you get some pain relief.

  9. Well grumpy or not you're still inspiring your students....brilliant work especially that amazing lampshade!!
    Fingers crossed for more 'Enjoy'!!
    V x

  10. Lovely work by your students! (must have something to do with the instructor, eh?) Hope you get more fun and some down time soon.

  11. Thank you for showing the beautiful work from your students, will have to try a landscape!

  12. Sorry you're feeling grumpy- hope your burdens, and knees, ease soon. x

  13. Sometimes life seems to throw too many things at us all at once! hang on in there- the dust will settle. In the meantime, be kind to yourself. Best wishes.x

  14. It's pretty similar over at mine, I've even started writing list on my studio wall :-)))
    One step at a time... and careful with those knees xx

  15. Things do have a tendency to all need doing at the same time don't they. Either that or it's really quiet! Take care and look after your knees.

  16. Gorgeous work from your students. Hope the knees are less troublesome and the enjoy/bonkers balance tips in the right direction.

  17. Gina, what beautiful creations you have inspired your students to make. The landscapes are clever, full of color sense, and each one is unique.

    The Guild students also have great color sense, and clearly lots of imagination and embroidery skills.


    As others have already written, easy on those knees. I've been more than usually cautious myself this week as I walked along icy, not-so-icy, but still potentially slippery, post-snowstorm sidewalks. Not walking stiffly, you understand, just carefully.

    Pacing. Another word with several meanings.


  18. Thank goodness I decided to try to read your blog again today - those pieces from your students are absolutely stunning. You are obviously a very good teacher. Perhaps your aches and pains are associated with winter - roll on spring!
    Cheers from very hot Oz

  19. Lovely work all around... they must have a wonderful teacher ;)

  20. I think Frances' comments have summed up everything succinctly with that word 'pacing'. Pace yourself chum or you will meet yourself coming back the other way. Somewhere along the line we need to help you find the happy medium between bonkers and enjoy - with the emphasis on the latter. If I can do anything please shout. Always willing to offer a listening ear or give you a poke with a stick.... PS Your student's work are testimony to your skills. Lovely stuff.

  21. Gina you are amazing to have accomplished all that you have and do all the varied things that you do! I think of you often. I hope that your knees will soon feel better.

  22. What stunning work you tease out of your students Gina - I bet they love every minute of their class! x Jo

  23. What stunning work your students have produced, clever women!

    I do hope that your knees stop complaining, have you had them checked by a GP?


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