Friday, 6 June 2014

Five on Friday

I've seen some "Five on Friday" posts on a few blogs recently. I did a quick search and it would seem there is more than one source, some have slightly different names or themes, so I'm not going to try to link up to them. I don't want to do it every week but today it seemed like a good way to round up a week of random bits and pieces.
1. Knitting
I finished another Little Cotton Rabbits bunny last week, as a Christening present. It's amazing how much knitting you can do on the train journey up and down to London... and also amazing how much space it gets you on the train. People don't seem to be keen to sit next to a woman knitting. Maybe they think I'll stab them with my needles!

2. Sewing

My first job this week was to complete this commission for a tea cosy. It has been on my "to do" list for quite a few weeks but as it is meant to be a Father's Day present I thoght I'd better get on with it. It is in the post and on its way to Devon.

3. Gardening

I've not been gardening this week but we were out all day on Saturday and when we came home we were greeted by this scarecrow guarding my vegetable patch. Joe wanted to try his hand at at some veg growing so I let him have one of my raised beds. He has grown corn from seed, planted it out and has now made a scarecrow to keep the pigeons off. He thinks he's a farmer (Joe, not the scarecrow)... bless! I only hope it grows.

4. Baking

There have been two cakes this week. A lemon drizzle for us which I spruced up with some good shop bought lemon curd, a dollop of creme fraiche and a few blueberries. It made a good pudding.

The second cake was a commission. A smallish chocolate cake for a 50th birthday gathering... but it turned out enormous. I hope they don't mind. No one's going to complain about too much cake, are they?

The plan was to decorate it with fondant ribbons but it was so warm in the kitchen last night they kept collapsing. So there was a quick change of plan and I taught myself how to make fondant roses instead. Serendipity!

5. Reading

I'm a bit late with this month's "Year in Books" post so I'm tagging it on the end here. I finished last month's choice, The Lacuna and loved it even more in the second reading. This would be my desert island book of choice - there is so much in it. The main character, Harrison Shepherd is one of the most believable fictional characters ever. And there will definitely be more artwork inspired by this book.

I also read Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down about four totally different people who meet on top of a tower block on New's Eve with the intention of jumping off. I found it to be most disappointing with totally unbelievable characters... one review says "Jump and take the book with you" I tend to agree!
My Year in Books choice for June is Dear Life by Alice Munro, which also happens to be our village bokclub choice this month. I'm not keen on short stories generally so we shall see!
Joining in A year in Books with Laura at Circle of Pine Trees.


  1. I've never tried knitting on the train but I can see how useful it would be in getting more space! Great scarecrow, I hope the veg growing is successful.

  2. Fab tea cosy Gina - you design such brilliant collages. The cake looks so good - clever little pink roses too. x Jo

  3. YUM -- those cakes look wonderful -- and perfect for a Friday. I love the Friday Five format and like you, don't want to do it every week -- just now and then for odds and ends. Your little bunny is adorable too!

  4. I seriously doubt you will have any complaints about too much cake! ;)
    Looks like a very creative week, happy weekend,
    V x

  5. Wow Gina! Those cakes look so yummy. And your bunny is just adorable. I tried knitting and well ...I'm a complete failure. Nice tea-cosy!
    You sure are a very talented person.

  6. I'm interested in your account of The Lacuna ... BK lost me around about the fish ... although admittedly I was trying to decide whether to buy a copy so was just glancing at the first few pages. So many novels, so little time!

  7. Ooh, I meant to admire the tea cosy ... it's fabulous Gina :)

  8. I love the little bunny - so sweet ...and as for those cakes, they look so delicious!

  9. You have been busy! Cakes look yummy. I'm enjoying Alice Munro's stories.

  10. 1. I really want to knit a rabbit.
    2. Those roses are amazing!
    3. I have just come across the blog/book club and bought a couple of books this week that are different to my normal choice. I need to challenge myself and get reading again.

    Thank you for the inspirational blog.

  11. Gina, how these posts of yours with those photographs of your cakes keep making me want to be lucky enough someday to actually taste a slice.

    Even better, of course, would be to actually be in your kitchen helping with the baking, or even with the cleaning up.


  12. I'm surprised people are hesitant to sit beside a knitter on the train. I'll have to try that myself! Your little bunny is so cute; the cakes look delicious (very partial to lemon cakes); I've so enjoyed Barbara Kingsolver's books and Prodigal Summer is one of my all-time favourite novels. Will have to check out Lacuna now. Wendy x

  13. Great post - I always love reading these 'this and that' posts. That tea cosy looks fab. Ditto the cakes... Have a lovely weekend.
    Sarah :)

  14. I love these mixed bag posts, too. Seeing your sweet bunny has reminded me I have a Posie Gets Cozy rabbit to sew. Your bakes look lovely and I'm sure the birthday cake was very well received. Haven't read The Lacuna but I do have a (different) collection of Alice Munro's short stories on the to be read pile.

  15. This post is making my mouth water, and I love Joe's scarecrow. What super gifts your commissions are.

  16. I can't seem to manage one on any day let alone five on a Friday!Just reading about your life makes me tired. You do know there are only 24 hours in a day don't you? How come I don't do as much as you do? Let me know what prescription you're on!!

  17. That cake looks delicious. Well done with the scarecrow hope it works. Good idea to knit on the train too.

  18. It is lovely to see all that you have been up to, and lovely to see you joining in Five on Friday too! Your cake commission is lovely, especially the roses, seems as though it was a great way for you to learn something new. I am sure that you can never have too much cake, so I expect that the recipient loved it! xx

  19. I like this idea of 5 on Friday! That cake is amazing, btw. You are very talented!

  20. I meant to leave a comment sooner but the last few weeks have been a bit crazy. Thanks so much for the link Gina, your little bunny is beautiful and is certain to be very loved. The cake looks stunning - those roses are very impressive. I tried butter-cream roses once but they were more like pink splodges!

  21. I've heard good things about the Munro.


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