Sunday, 9 March 2014

No Time to Stop and Stare

Typical really, when life is full to the brim and there are dozens of things I think I'll share here, there's not a spare moment to stop and write a blog post. This week has seen back to back teaching including a weekend at Missenden Abbey, a University visit with youngest son and not much time for anything else in between and as a result the March edition of Workshop on the Web came out a whole week ago and I forgot to mention it includes an article from me!
You've seen the samples before but this is a chance to learn with step by step instructions how to make your own book cover decorated with "Graffiti Doodles"

Or even a cushion should you fancy it...

I'll also be teaching this technique as a day class at Art Van Go in Knebworth on Thursday April 3rd and at Art and Stitch in Peterborough on Saturday 3rd May.
And speaking of Art Van Go, I will be joining other members of Spectrum tomorrow to set up our exhibition:

An exhibition by
a group of ten contemporary textile artists mentored by Gina Ferrari
present new work inspired by the theme
11th March - 5th April 2014
Art Van Go
1 Stevenage Road, Knebworth, Herts SG3 6AN

There will be lots of lovely new work to see including some fabulous "Round Robin" pieces where each member started a piece of work in the textile medium of their choice - some stitched, others printed or painted, patchworked or felted. These were then passed on to another member who could add or alter the original work in any way they liked. This was repeated twice more but the fourth member had to finish the work. It raised many interesting issues about ownership, letting go and working into someone elses work. Yet despite these sometimes uncomfortable feelings everyone agreed it had been a worthwhile experience resulting in some fabulous work. The Balloons and Sunflower cushion are just two of the pieces of work from our "Summer" Round Robin.

And these two wall hangings were the result of our "Black and White" round robin
Would love to see you at the exhibition and if you happen to be free on Saturday 15th March do join us for tea and cake at our Private View from 12 noon.
p.s. I forgot to mention that Terry was the winner of the Country Living tickets. Enjoy the day out with your daughter Terry... the tickets are in the post!


  1. I would love to join you but alas........I'm sure it's going to be wonderful though!!!
    V xxx

  2. do I detect a hint of 'mid century modern' in those last embroideries.
    I wish I could join you.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could just 'beam me up' and appear at your exhibition, it looks so interesting. I read your article in WOW the day it came out and I started to email you, had an unexpected visitor and never finished the email! Sorry about that, but I enjoyed the article. Seems like much more than a week ago now! Cheers

  4. You have been busy, the exhibition looks time for cakes!

  5. Good wishes for the exhibition. Would love to be there as the work you've shown looks really interesting.

  6. Shoot -- I would love to see the exhibition and I'll even be free, but logistics are a bit of a problem LOL. Interesting thoughts about ownership of a round robin -- I'd never thought of that as an issue, but I can definitely see the concerns!

  7. I'm sure the exhibition will be a great success. I'd be nervous of taking part in a round robin but I suppose that is the point - to encourage participants to be more flexible and confident. Hope you had time to enjoy the sunshine at the weekend.

  8. Jill's latest post offered that tea and cake too! With such beautiful work on show I expect there to be a rush so try to find time to make another cake Gina.If anyone can, you can. Good luck with the exhibition. These also take a lot of time to put together so I hope the sales reflect everyone's efforts.Meantime, take a breath,pace yourself... and then carry on!

  9. Busy busy! Wish I could come to the exhibition: hope it all goes well. I've threatened my ladies with a collaborative project, and some are up for it and others hate the idea - interesting to read how your group got on!


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