Wednesday, 20 November 2013

End of Term

I've made two or three of these festive garlands over the past couple of years so when my regular machine embroidery class wanted a project to finish off this term it seemed a fun thing to make. We're only a small class this term but each class member worked on their own garland and as ever, despite starting with the same instructions and templates each one is subtly different and absolutely stunning.
This is Di's... which is very luxurious

Ann's which has a beautiful delicate feel about it...




and last but not least, Linda's which is especially impressive as until the beginning of this term Linda had never ever tried machine embroidery before, yet she has mastered every project we've attempted this term with aplomb. What I love most about each and every one of them are the individual touches that make them unique.

The fabulous little Robin sitting at the top of a garland.

A special cluster of berries...

the subtle addition of gold stitching in the stamens - Di was cursing the decision to add this touch but it really lifts the Christmas roses.

Little pearl beads to high light the holly berries

Gold fabric leaves and a sprig or two of mistletoe

Gold stitching on the leaves and tiny black beads on the stamens.
Each individual touch is just fabulous and has given me so many new ideas I want to add them to my own garlands this year... always one of the benefits of teaching!

And it wouldn't be the end of the autumn term without a plate of mince pies... the first I've made this season. It's still a bit early in my book to be blogging about Christmas stuff but term finished early so what could I do?
Many thanks to Diane for finding a link to the mince pie recipe (see comments) and although this is a recipe I have used it is not the one I've used this time which you can find here:
This one is my all time fail safe favourite!


  1. Dear Gina,

    I am speechless, truly. I adore wreaths (my family would start giggling nervously at this affirmation; there are piles of them stored in the garage) and yours is truly beautiful. I would love to learn how to machine embroider. I have no idea what type of machine one needs for that...

    There are so many amazing skills to learn!


  2. I love how they are all different and indeed all very lovely! :)
    Those mince pies do look good. :)

  3. aren't they just gorgeous Gina - I really need to study my Alisa Burke book and get going on one.

  4. Those wreaths are beautiful and will be admired year after year. Clever ladies. The mince pieces look beautiful too - it's never too early for one of those!

  5. Such a talented bunch - they must have an excellent teacher!! I could just tuck in to one of your mince pies. x Jo

  6. Link to the mince pies

  7. You've taught them well Gina! These wreaths all look wonderful, and I'm sure the ladies were so pleased with the results! I don't think it's too early to blog about Christmas when everyone is sharing things to make FOR Christmas ... which all takes so much time! Enjoy your mince tarts (they look delicious). Wendy x

  8. Those wreaths are so pretty Gina -- your students have done well!!!

  9. I love seeing how your students make their things subtly different.

    I could quite fancy one of your mince pies and I don't normally like them.

  10. Lovely garlands, but I've come over all twitchy at the thought of Christmas!

  11. Lovely to catch up, lovely garlands.

  12. Every wreath different in subtle ways and all looking great. You must be very proud of your students Gina.

  13. They are all fabulous and yummy mince pies too - lucky ladies.

  14. What lovely wreaths, you have taught them well! I have saved your mince pie recipe, might even try them this year. I don't usually bother here in our hot weather, but yours look really yummy. Cheers

  15. Garlands make such pretty decorations and these are beautiful! You must be so proud of your students, what a lovely keepsake for many christmases to come.
    My mouth is watering over those mince pies! ;)
    Jess x x

  16. They would be Monsieur Bertinet's mince pies then? I'd forgotten about them...

    Amazing wreaths, too!

  17. A beautiful array of festive garlands. And I have to admit that the recipe for the mince pies is a winner! And yes far to soon for Christmas bits and bobs....


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