Monday, 25 February 2008

Puppies and Mojitos!

More images from Cuba - El Patio cafe, a former Palacio in the Plaza de la Catedral. It also had a beautiful inner courtyard. We spent a lovely morning here watching people in the square, drinking mojitos...

and listening to this band.

This is outside the Capitolio - a building similar to the Capitol in Washington DC but even taller.

Where there was yet another old Buick.

Back at our hotel we had a wonderful evening both listening to and then later dancing to the
Buena Vista Social Club... brilliant!

And Jacob getting into holiday mood with a cocktail!
I take no responsibility for his choice of reading matter (nor for his under age drinking - can't you tell what a responsible mother I am!!!) but am rather concerned that his hair style is starting to resemble Russell Brand's!

I have to say that although I enjoy travelling and seeing new places it is always lovely to come home and this time was no exception. The older boys had looked after everything beautifully - the house was tidy and there was even food in the fridge and a dinner made for us. I also discovered I'd won a prize in Monkee Maker's raffle which was very exciting and best of all I got my first Opus module results... and I've passed! There is no break down of marks at this stage just a pass or fail so now I'm ready to move on to my next module which is "Stitch Methodologies." There is a lot of work to get through but it does look very exciting.

However I've not made a start yet due to one or two hiccups. First of all Jacob has been (and still is) really poorly with a nasty tummy bug since coming home (NO!... it wasn't the cocktails!) And secondly we've got a little visitor for a couple of weeks as we are puppy sitting while my brother is on holiday... which isn't proving quite as straightforward as I imagined due to some housetraining problems. After the third puddle on the kitchen floor she was banned to the garden this evening! Although I think she just sat by the back door looking sorry for herself and she's still not managed a wee outside! And poor Barley isn't at all sure why he had to go out too!

In fact, I think he's quite worn out by her while she is still full of energy. This could be a long two weeks!

So what I really could do with tonight is another one of these...



  1. Yup - I'd go for the mojito if I were you!!!

    Great Cuba photos - it looks like a fascinating place. Jacob's hair is looking very cool - Monster is in a hair growing phase right now and I'm desperate to get the clippers out!!

    Congratulations on passing your module - quite right too :)


  2. My husband enjoyed reading your 2 posts about Cuba. It's so off limits for us... which makes it mysterious and inviting. Thanks for all the great pictures. It looks amazing and fun.
    PS Your socks are wonderful with the cable up the sides. Love them!

  3. Poor Barley looks very forlorn and puzzled as to why he is outside!!!

    So glad Cuba was fun but sorry to hear about Jacob being poorly - his hair is cool though!

    Congratulations on your pass by the way - the next module sounds scarily complex!!!

    Take care, Lucy xxx

  4. Mojitos in the morning? How decadent!

    Congrats on your result!

    And I hope Jacob is feeling better now, and you are resisting the bug. Tummy ones are the worst.

  5. Congratulations on your Opus results. The next module sounds a little scarey.
    The Cuba photos are great.
    I hope Jacob feels better soon.

  6. Oooh, could I borrow Jacob's book when he's finished with it? Ta :-D (I hope he feels much better soon - maybe Russell didn't agree with him?)

    Very many congratulations on passing your module - you are very talented. x

  7. Great photo's of Cuba, Gina, that car reminds me of my Dad's old Vauxhall Cresta that I was forced to drive around in years ago.

    Many congrats on passing your first module, and for raising such fabulous sons ..... a tidy house and dinner made for you?? Wow! They've either been impeccably brought up ..... or they were up to something!!


  8. Great reading material! I read it recently and he is an interesting man, although slightly barking!


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