Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Wonderful Work

Well I may not have done a lot of work last week but the others in the group certainly did, so as promised, a little taste of some of their wonderful sketchbook work. This was Judith's explorations of the shimmering effects of the sun on the sea.

Joan developed work from one of her drawings. Those colours just zing!

Sandy really took off experimenting with gummy silk fibres. These were strips woven through a piece of found netting. It's a really beautiful sample.

Pat explored line, inspired by the black and white photograph on the left in her sketchbook. I've included two photographs to show just how far she was starting to take this, in both hand and machine stitch.

Lynda was capturing a stormy sea with her vibrant Lutradur experiments.

And last but not least, Lesley was looking at rust patterns. It was difficult to know what to choose from Lesley's work because she experimented with so much, but I'm sure she'll be posting more pictures on her blog.

What is really exciting for me is that I'm going to continue working with this lovely group of ladies. They, along with three others, Lynn, Bernice and Ann have formed a new embroidery group which I will be tutoring. Having got to know them well during their City and Guilds over the last two years, I'm really looking forward to continuing with such fabulous, talented individuals. And our first meeting is tomorrow, so I expect I will be reporting back!

I nearly forgot to mention but while I was away a parcel with these wonderful goodies arrived from Julie. They are lovely, especially the little hand stitched summer garden ATC. I will treasure them so thank you Julie for your kindness and generosity. I'm now off to walk the dog, having been up since some ridiculous hour. I had to take Joe to work for 6am this morning (and for the rest of the week!) While we were in Amsterdam he managed to write off his (or rather Sam's) car. Fortunately he wasn't hurt. He has been driving Ben's car but that has failed its MOT and is waiting for a new part so meanwhile it's good ol' Mum to the rescue! Such are the pleasures of a parent!


  1. Your ladies did some wonderful work last week. Thank you so much for showing us. The sketchbooks look great and tempt me to get some work done with fibres. I envy you all that you will continue to work together - shame I don't live nearer...lol.
    You can't turn your back on family for five minutes, can you?! :o)

  2. Your ladies have produced some really good work, you must be very proud of them.
    The new group sounds very exciting.

  3. Well,Gina seems like you had a good week,know what you mean about not being able to get going.
    Hope the Opus day goes well - think you are brave!

  4. I love what the group have been doing Gina. I loved that netting with the weaving and was particularly interested in Pat's sketches witht the line work. she rarely shows me her work.


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